OPINION | Netanyahu Needs To Re-learn the History By Federica Fanuli
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OPINION | Netanyahu Needs To Re-learn the History By Federica Fanuli

By Federica Fanuli

While Palestinian attacks continue, Hamas announces that "the Intifada for Jerusalem will continue" and the international diplomacy acts to appease the violence in the Middle East, Netanyahu goofs up on the responsibility of Adolf Hitler and the Palestinian complicity in the Holocaust.

The Israeli Prime Minister has chosen to mystify the history of the Holocaust. He does it, tries to correct the meaning of his words, but the damage is done. In front of the audience of the World Zionist Congress, Netanyahu has said that during the meeting with Hitler in 1941 the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, suggested the extermination of the Jews to the Nazi. Although the two characters shared the hate for the Jews, the Fuhrer had already planned the genocide, just read Mein Kampf. The Nazis did not have in their mind an expulsion, the Diaspora of Jews, their inhuman project was much more refined and diabolical. The Nazis have reached the goal of the extermination of the European Jews and it must be said that six million of died Jews - those we can count - is a sum that looks like they are almost succeeded. The aim was the genocide, to erase all traces of the people of Israel. They have not planned a land for the Jews, as it was rather for the genocide of the Armenians deported to the Syrian Desert. The only place, provisional, was the concentration camps. 

The most spectral aspect is that Netanyahu could have underestimated the power of his statements, an impact that suggests the Premier does not know or does not want to understand what Auschwitz means, it suggests that perhaps every man once in his life should cross that gate, whatever his political orientation. The exploitation of the Holocaust during a public speech to win acclaim and then apologizing is not good. This is an attitude that perhaps irritates and offends more than the falsification of history. 

The Jewish world is unlikely to forget those claims that arrive, moreover, in a critical moment for the State of Israel. In a few hours, criticism has rained from all sides of Israel, disputes that border the accusation of the Negationism. It could expect these utterances from a cynic like Ahmadinejad, ex-President of Iran, who has promoted the destruction of Israel denying the existence of the Holocaust, but not from the Israeli Prime Minister. "The Prime Minister shows to hate Palestinians to the point of fulfilling the most famous criminal in history," said Saeb Erakat, the Palestinian negotiator. 

Netanyahu goofs up on a historic false and opens the way to his "enemies", but he has defended himself in Berlin, where it was been the top international diplomat to shut down the tensions between Israel and Palestine, where those words weigh a ton, but it is the time Israelis and Palestinians work together to stop the spiral of anger and violence that is hitting the two people. 

This is the message of John Kerry to Netanyahu because it is necessary to reopen the dialogue between the parties, with the support of Jordan's King Abdullah II, and calm the situation in the Middle East. Netanyahu is very in-confident and he has not missed the chance to accuse his political antagonist, the leader of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmoud Abbas, to lie about the military force used by Israel. An invective that does not favor the dialogue. 

After Kerry, Netanyahu also has met the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini. They have discussed about the steps that could be done to clear the violence in the Holy Land. Finally, the Mogherini suggested to Netanyahu to temper the tone and, at this point, the hope is that the Israeli Prime Minister follows the advice of the Head of European diplomacy and learns the lesson, as well as that of History.

About The Author:

Federica Fanuli was graduated with honours in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Salento and she has obtained a Master’s Degree in Political Science, European Studies and International Relations at the same University. Foreign Affairs analyst, she is Editorial Manager of Mediterranean Affairs, a project aiming to provide analyses that cover the Mediterranean area. Columnist of the Sunday Sentinel, she is Editorial Board Member of Cosmopolismedia.it and Editor-at-large of IndraStra Global. She can be reached at her LinkedIn profile. / Thomson Reuters ResearcherID : M-9093-2015