Kabul Hospital Attack: 22 Killed and 50+ Wounded
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Kabul Hospital Attack: 22 Killed and 50+ Wounded

By IndraStra Global News Team

On November 2, 2021, at least 22 people were killed and 50+  wounded in an attack on 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The attack, which included gunmen and at least one suicide bomber, targeted the military hospital in one of Kabul’s more affluent neighborhoods, where both wounded soldiers who fought for the former government and Taliban fighters were being treated. No one has yet claimed responsibility, but the Taliban have blamed the Islamic State affiliate IS-K for the attack.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid meanwhile told Reuters news agency that Taliban special forces dropped by helicopter had stopped the attackers from entering the hospital itself, killing them at the entrance or in the building's courtyard. All the assailants were killed in 15 minutes, he said. 

Eyewitnesses quoted by Reuters said they saw two helicopters over the area during the assault. The news agency reports that this would be one of the first times Taliban forces have used aircraft captured from the previous, Western-backed government during an operation.

The Sardar Daud Khan hospital has been targeted before. More than 30 people were killed and 50 others wounded in 2017 when gunmen dressed as doctors stormed the building. That attack was also claimed by the Islamic State group.

This is a developing story: We'll give updates on the situation as we learn more.

With reporting by BBC, Reuters, and Tolo News

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