For Americans, Paychecks are Accurate and Secure During Pandemic: Survey
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For Americans, Paychecks are Accurate and Secure During Pandemic: Survey

For Americans, Paychecks are Accurate and Secure During Pandemic: Survey

Although millions of people are working remotely due to the pandemic, more people than ever feel that their paychecks are accurate and secure. More than 87 percent of employees are certain their paychecks are accurate, according to results from the 2020 "Getting Paid In America" survey conducted by the American Payroll Association (APA) for National Payroll Week. This is an increase of three percent from the 84 percent of respondents who responded to this question in the 2019 survey.

"More than ever, employees should have full confidence they are being paid accurately each payday," said Dan Maddux, executive director of the APA. "The hard-working payroll professionals of this country continue to ensure paychecks are delivered accurately and on time, each and every payday, no matter what."

The annual APA survey asked, "How certain are you that your payroll withholding and the net amount of your paycheck are correct each payday?" Approximately 29,162 respondents, more than 87 percent, indicated they are very certain or somewhat certain the net amount of their paycheck is correct.

The American Payroll Association offers free tools on its National Payroll Week website to educate individuals on ways they can get more out of their pay and make unemployment benefits less painful. These tools and resources can be used to better understand how paychecks are calculated and outline strategic steps individuals can use to achieve their financial goals for today and the future.

"Educating employees about the nature of their paychecks is a key part of our mission," said Elizabeth Oviedo, chief strategy officer of Symmetry Software's PaycheckCity. "For those who aren't certain their withholdings are correct each payday, PaycheckCity calculators linked from on the National Payroll Week website are valuable tools to verify their withholding and see the impact of recent tax law changes on their paychecks."

The "Getting Paid In America" survey was held in conjunction with the APA's annual public awareness campaign National Payroll Week, September 7-11. Over 35,000 individuals responded to the survey, providing insight into how individuals are paid in America.  

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