OpenWater Opens SDK to Developers
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OpenWater Opens SDK to Developers

OpenWater Opens SDK to Developers

On March 10, 2019, OpenWater, the leading application and review software platform, announced that they have opened up their platform to all web agencies and development shops to add application and review management to their list of services.

OpenWater software is behind the scenes platform that collects and manages reviews and applications for over 25 million submissions per year. This software is used by some of the largest magazines, Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits and universities in the world. Think of applications for essay contests at the leading newspaper, applications for fast-growing businesses in your favorite entrepreneurial magazine, awards nominations for your favorite chef or restaurant for your favorite critic organization.

The process to fill out, process and manage applications for awards, scholarships, fellowships, grants are a common struggle; agencies often build entire custom systems that require huge investments of time and budget. Web design agencies can now spend billable hours to implement OpenWater's proven solution and deliver to their customers in weeks instead of months (or even years). 

Competitors typically sell and service their own product line. Unlike competitors, the OpenWater platform can be 100% serviced directly by agencies themselves, who can now generate significant incremental revenue through OpenWater.

Included in this update from OpenWater:
- A Software Development Kit (SDK)
- Free sandbox environment
- Dedicated training center
- Full REST and JS API documentation
- Hundreds of pieces of sample code

"As a developer myself, I cut my teeth building on top of WordPress.," says Kunal Johar, CTO of OpenWater. "It just made sense to open up our platform to agencies who can understand the specific nuances of their customers better than we can. We want to best prepare our customers and set them up for as much success as possible."

OpenWater's API is available via Swagger API / REST / JSON and Javascript for front-end work. Their SDK is built on Nuget for .NET.

In the competitive web development and design industry, having differentiation in terms of services offered can open up entirely new avenues for prospective clients. As OpenWater is the platform of choice for nonprofits, professional societies, universities, and publishers for their application systems, agencies now have an advantage in RFPs through the new offering.

OpenWater is a software company that helps companies grow their awards, abstracts, fellowships and more. Nearly any application and review process can be made easier and more efficient using the OpenWater platform. Online entry/review systems have become the backbone of our future. For more information regarding OpenWater's all-in-one software platform and new SDK for developers, please visit:

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