PR | Qatari Energy Skills Shortage Tackled by ORYX GTL Initiatives
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PR | Qatari Energy Skills Shortage Tackled by ORYX GTL Initiatives

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PR | Qatari Energy Skills Shortage Tackled by ORYX GTL Initiatives

Doha, Qatar – March. 7th, 2016 – Qatar’s planned transition into a sustainable, knowledge economy in line with its National Vision 2030, is an ambitious goal and enhancing and building a stronger and broader domestic education capacity will be key to realizing this.

A survey of academia and industry at the Gulf Intelligence Qatar Energy R&D Forum in Doha in April 2015 showed that 78% of respondents agreed that job openings in Qatar's energy sector were not being filled by Qatari nationals due to a lack of applicants' qualifications.

The recent ORYX GTL Student Seminars that took place in Doha at Texas A&M’s Graduate Open House and Qatar University, aim to address this very challenge. The dialogue between students, academic institutions and industry strives to provide direction to what profile of post-graduate programs would prove most effective in providing Qatari students with the right skills and qualifications to enhance their career opportunities.

“At ORYX GTL, we are passionate about education and we truly believe that investing in education today is essential to our country’s future,” says Abdulahadi Bakhit Barqan, Chief Administration Officer in ORYX GTL. “These initiatives are in the context of our on-going efforts to support the major educational institutions in the country in order to qualify and prepare a new generation of industry leaders, business and other disciplines, which will lead to achieving all the goals and Qatar’s National Vision 2030".

Qatar's quest to become a global research and development (R&D) hub for the energy industry dates back to 2006 when the government announced that it would allocate 2.8% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually to promote research, technology and innovation via the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The percentage is above the 1.9% allocated by the U.K. government to R&D relative to GDP in 2010 and equal to Germany’s 2.8%, according to World Bank data.

The student seminars will culminate in the 3rd ORYX GTL Student Awards, to be held at the Gulf Intelligence Qatar Industry Water Security Forum at Qatar University on April 25th. The Awards will recognize Four Post Graduate Qatari students for their achievements, commitment and contribution to Qatar's energy sector and diversified knowledge economy.

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