CyberHub, Infopercept Partner for Cybersecurity of Saudi Organizations
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CyberHub, Infopercept Partner for Cybersecurity of Saudi Organizations

The partnership to provide new age Security Operations Center (SOC) services that leverage opensource innovation in cybersecurity to combat new-age sophisticated cyberattacks 

CyberHub, Infopercept Partner for Cybersecurity of Saudi Organizations

On April 13, 2021, CyberHub announced its partnership with Infopercept, a global managed security services provider. Under this partnership, CyberHub will provide Infopercept’s new age SOC services to the regional organizations. Cyberattacks are all-time high amid the dynamic situation due to the pandemic. 

More and more Saudi organizations are moving towards digital transformation and cloud adoption. This transformation has increased the attack surface for adversaries. The main aim of this partnership, between Infopercept and CyberHub, is to provide protection against all kinds of cyberattacks. With years of experience, Infopercept is able to provide intelligence from an attacker’s point of view.

“Infopercept, which started as a cybersecurity service provider over a decade ago, has identified two major gaps in the way organizations are responding to cyberattacks. The first is that companies are not thinking like the attackers. Cybersecurity providers lag the attackers as they tend to focus only on techniques, while the attackers are focused on tactics, and keep changing their techniques. The second is they are trying to address the problem with point solutions, while the effective solution is a system that targets the attackers’ tactics by integrating all security solutions,” said Jaydeep Ruparelia, co-founder and CEO, Infopercept Consulting. 

“Our partnership with CyberHub will help us to leverage their experience in the region to protect organizations from cybercrime. We are sure to provide integrated cybersecurity to the organizations of Saudi Arabia. With our new platform called Invinsense, we can help companies with integrating their SEIM, SOAR, EDR, Deception, Moving Target Defence, and Breach Attack Simulations. This will help to combat integrated cyberattacks that combine humans and automation. If any organization does not have any of these cybersecurity tools, we help them to leverage it through the open-source innovation.” 

CyberHub Cofounder & CEO Mr. Mohammad Shaban said, “Infopercept is an established managed security service provider with a long and proven track record. Securing digital assets is a must for organizations, and especially now when cyberattacks are rising at an unprecedented rate. As we gear up to provide security and compliance like SAMA and others to Saudi organizations, we couldn’t have found a better partner than Infopercept.”

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