Turkey Energy Outlook 2020 Launched, Bottom-up Methodology Employed
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Turkey Energy Outlook 2020 Launched, Bottom-up Methodology Employed

Turkey Energy Outlook 2020 Launched, Bottom-up Methodology Employed

Sabancı University Istanbul International Center for Energy and Climate (IICEC) launched Turkey Energy Outlook at an online event attended by Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez, IEA Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol, and Founding Chair of Sabancı University Board of Trustees Guler Sabanci.

Turkey Energy Outlook (TEO), developed by a holistic energy model and scenario thinking approach with a long-term perspective is a pioneer in Turkey. The TEO model employs a "bottom-up" methodology relying on the most extensive and detailed data ever assembled for the Turkish energy economy. Based on the findings, TEO proposes 10 policy recommendations towards a more secure, efficient, competitive, technology-oriented, and sustainable energy future. These include progress in energy markets and energy efficiency and emphasis on clean energy technology development, deployment, and manufacturing. The TEO provides much more than modeling, scenarios, and recommendations. It also provides an in-depth understanding of Turkish energy infrastructure and energy-using industries. More important to foreign investors, it presents a comprehensive overview of Turkish energy markets.

Minister Fatih Dönmez said, "Up until now, we had hoped that others would also carry out energy studies and we would also benefit from them. Sabanci University IICEC has fulfilled our wish. This report, a first of its kind in Turkey, will be a highly significant resource in shaping our ideas."

IEA Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol: "Similar studies have been carried out in various countries and I thought it would be very beneficial to conduct such a study in Turkey. IICEC has been able to bring this idea to life. TEO presents the perspective until 2040. I believe that it addresses multiple opportunities in the Turkish energy sector."

Founding Chair of the Sabancı University Board of Trustees Ms. Güler Sabancı: "Turkey Energy Outlook is an independent university product and a pioneer in Turkey. We have completed an exemplary work that I dreamed of 10 years ago when we were first establishing IICEC. The key to success is enhancing synergies among the policy-makers, industry, and academia. IICEC is a solid example of this Success Triangle in Turkey."

The Sabancı University IICEC produces energy policy research and uses its convening power at the energy crossroad of the world. IICEC has built a comprehensive model of the Turkish energy economy that provides the base for TEO findings and recommendations.

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