The Future of Health: Deloitte to Bring Healthcare to the Digital Age
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The Future of Health: Deloitte to Bring Healthcare to the Digital Age

The Future of Health: Deloitte to Bring Healthcare to the Digital Age

Deloitte, one of the largest professional services firms in the world, will sponsor a social media conversation around the future of healthcare in an exciting new initiative for the company. Deloitte provides consulting services to corporations across industries and has created the Future of Health program.

They will utilize influencers in the health and wellness space to be a part of a private focus group panel on their Future of Health (FoH) initiative which will start an especially important conversation leading to change in the industry. 

Influencers will further this discussion (co-created during our private panel/focus group sessions) through branded conversations with their fan base around topics of interest (#DeloitteFutureofHealth, #futureofhealth, @deloitteus, @deloitteusa).

The discussions have been broken up into four sessions. The topics include, COVID 19, Keeping Well at Home, Hospital at home, and digital pharmacy. The Panel includes experts and influencers in the tech, health, and wellness categories. Deloitte holds influence in the digital health space, and they want to leverage the Health and Wellness influencer panel sessions as further learnings on the Future of Health as they show companies how the digital health industry should move forward and play a bigger role in the overall health industry.

About Future of Health:  Future of Health is a Deloitte-authored narrative that outlines how the health care ecosystem (both sick care and "well" care) will evolve over the coming 20 years and how value creation will shift from the current industry sectors (pharma, MedTech, providers, health plans, etc.) into very different sectors oriented around data, consumers and enablement. We anticipate the majority of incumbent healthcare organizations will struggle in the transformation that has already begun – and expect significant health care industry revenue and profit to flow to data-native, consumer-centric disruptors that emerge over the coming two decades. The net effect of this transformation will be that people will be sick less often, will enjoy a longer and more robust "healthspan" in their lifespan, and will spend much of their time enabling a notion of well-being that is specific and tailored to their own preferences and ideas. 

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