Clearwater Analytics Completes 1 Year in India
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Clearwater Analytics Completes 1 Year in India

Clearwater Analytics Completes 1 Year in India

On August 22, 2020, Clearwater Analytics, a global SaaS provider of investment accounting and reporting, completed one year of business operations in India. According to the company, it's global operation has continued to grow during these challenging times and plans to add to its product development talent for its India-based teams.
Established in August 2019, the Delhi-NCR site is part of Clearwater's operations and development center network, with offices also in Boise Idaho, USA; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Seattle, Washington, USA. The center plays a strategic role for Clearwater from the Asia Pacific region with access to a strong talent market and the ability to provide follow-the-sun servicing capabilities.

Clearwater has continued to add clients and hire employees worldwide during a year marked by a public health crisis and a sudden shift to a work-from-home model. The Delhi-NCR office met its original growth target and plans.

"As we mark our first year operating in India, we are thrilled about the advances made by our talented team of professionals in Delhi-NCR and the significant contributions they have already made to Clearwater's technology, servicing expertise, and culture in general," said Sandeep Sahai, Chief Executive Officer of Clearwater Analytics. "While expanding globally this year, the company responded to the pandemic by implementing initiatives to drive an integrated focus from all our centers in support of our clients. The Clearwater team's focus on operational excellence and metrics is a model for success. We are all excited to see what the next year brings for our employees; their contributions to our key initiatives and overall roadmap continue to make us better, and to delight our clientele."

Clearwater's cloud-based solution is more vital than ever as the global business community has adapted to evolving remote office work models. Technologies like machine learning, cloud, and hyper-automation are key elements to fortifying the company's technology and services offering as it serves some of the world's largest and most complex institutional investors.

"Staying ahead with technological advancements is so important to our company's mission to be the world's most trusted and comprehensive software platform for investment accounting and analytics," said Warren Barkley, Chief Technology Officer of Clearwater Analytics. "New and advancing technologies are the future and, in some ways, the now. They continue to affect how we build a world-class product and the new products we are eager to build at our Delhi-NCR development center," he added.

Job roles at the company include skilled positions for software developers, data operations specialists, reconciliation analysts, and investment accounting and reporting experts.

"Over the past year, we have built an excellent product development team in India. Given that we have so much more to do, we are looking to further scale our software development effort from India," said Anurag Singh, Managing Director, India for Clearwater Analytics. "The strength of the talent market in India strongly aligns with Clearwater's company-wide initiatives."

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