SkySwitch Adds Atlanta as 5th Geo-Node in the US
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SkySwitch Adds Atlanta as 5th Geo-Node in the US

SkySwitch, a white-label Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider, has added its fifth geo-node in the United States with the addition of a new Atlanta data center. The geo-node is co-located within Digital Realty Data Center at 250 Williams Street and will primarily serve resellers and their customers located in the Southeast United States.

The Atlanta facility joins SkySwitch's existing data centers in Secaucus, NJ, Las Vegas, NV, Minneapolis, MN, and Dallas, TX.

"Digital Realty is one of the nation's top data center providers. They afford SkySwitch the level of capacity, reliability, security, and the comfort level that we require to support our growing base of over 500 resellers across the country," said Eric Hernaez, Founder and President of SkySwitch. "Since the start of the year, we have seen tremendous growth in the Southeast region, both in the number of new resellers joining SkySwitch and the additional number of new customers onboarded by our long-established resellers. This growth led us to decide that an additional regional facility was needed to support them and what we have in our pipeline."

SkySwitch provides white-label UCaaS from geographically diverse locations to maximize system resiliency to MSPs, VARs, ISPs, and interconnects. The new Atlanta geo-node was introduced without interruption to ongoing operations and is designed to expand on the fly. New geo-nodes can be added to the network, as an additional server resource to the geo-nodes, in a way that's transparent to end-users.

In addition to easing network growth, this system architecture has allowed SkySwitch to maintain industry-leading uptime. Unlike other high-availability redundancy schemes that rely on a primary and failover system, the SkySwitch system is Always Available. That means SkySwitch is providing identical service across multiple nodes in real-time. With seamless and transparent failover between nodes, service disruptions are avoided because customer connections can be automatically transferred to any of the other available nodes in the event of trouble, outages, or network disruptions.

"SkySwitch has made good on its promise to continue to invest in the network, which makes TELEPATH look great to our customers," said Guy Fawkes, CEO of Tampa Bay's TELEPATH Communications. "The new Atlanta geo-node is closer to the majority of our growing customer base, so we'll be seeing lower latency and the benefits that come along with that."

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