Microsoft Announced Windows 10 November Update
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Microsoft Announced Windows 10 November Update

On November 12, 2019, John Cable, Microsoft program management director, wrote in the blog post“Today, we are announcing that the Windows 10 November 2019 Update is now available for users on the most recent versions of Windows 10 who seek the new update via Windows Update,” He further added, "We have worked to make this a great experience for all devices, and an exceptionally fast update process for devices running the May 2019 Update.”

The upgrade, which the company announced in on Tuesday, marks Microsoft’s semi-annual enhancement to its flagship operating system, which powers over 900 million devices, including PCs and tablets. Even as Microsoft pushes deeper into cloud software and infrastructure, it still counts on Windows for 16% of revenue. 

Starting on Tuesday, Windows 10 users can request the new update by opening Windows Update settings (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update) and select Check for updates. Once the update appears, the user can select Download and Install Now. (Note: If you follow these steps and do not see “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909” on your device, you might have a compatibility issue and a safeguard hold is in place until we are confident that you will have a good update experience.) Once the user has downloaded the update, the user will need to restart his/her device to complete the update installation process. Make sure to first save your files and close any open apps, then select Restart now.

If the user is not ready to restart, he/she may simply select Schedule the restart, then pick a day and time that best suits their schedule. If the user hasn’t had time to schedule the restart, Windows will automatically schedule it outside of times users actively using their devices. Users can also choose a time that is convenient for them and pause the update for up to 35 days (seven days at a time, up to five times).

A more feature-rich update will follow in the first half of 2020.

Here are some of the new things included in the November update to Windows 10:

  • The user can activate non-Microsoft virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa, using a voice command from the Windows 10 lock screen.

  • Users can create a new calendar event simply by opening up the calendar flyout from the Taskbar.

  • The search box in the File Explorer will use Windows Search, which means files from OneDrive will show up with other search results.

  • If the PC has the right components, the user could see battery life and power efficiency gains.

  • The user might also find performance and reliability improvements because of a change to the way Windows assigns workloads to certain processor cores.