Boeing Releases 737 MAX Progress Report
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Boeing Releases 737 MAX Progress Report

Boeing Releases 737 MAX Progress Report

Image Attribute: A file photo of Boeing 737 MAX 8 on the tarmac

On November 11, 2019, American aerospace major Boeing released the 737 MAX Progress Report. The company is working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other regulatory authorities towards certification and safe return to commercial service.

There are five key milestones Boeing must complete with the FAA before return to service:

1. FAA eCab Simulator Certification Session: A multi-day eCab simulator evaluation with the FAA to ensure the overall software system performs its intended function, both normally and in the presence of system failures. STATUS: COMPLETED

2. FAA Line Pilots Crew Workload Evaluation: A separate, multi-day simulator session with airline pilots to assess human factors and crew workload under various test conditions. STATUS: WORK IN PROGRESS

3. FAA Certification Flight Test: FAA pilots will conduct a certification flight(s) of the final updated software. STATUS: WORK IN PROGRESS

4. Boeing Final Submittal to the FAA: After completion of the FAA certification flight, Boeing will submit the final certification deliverables and artifacts to the FAA to support software certification.  STATUS: NOT STARTED

5. Joint Operational Evaluation Board (JOEB) Simulator Training Evaluation: The Joint Operational Evaluation Board (JOEB), a multi-regulatory body, conducts a multi-day simulator session with global regulatory pilots to validate training requirements. Following the simulator session, the Flight Standardization Board will release a report for a public comment period, followed by final approval of the training. STATUS: NOT STARTED

Last week, milestone 1 concluded. Together with FAA, Boeing is now working towards the FAA line pilots evaluation and the FAA certification flight test

NOTE: The FAA and other regulatory authorities will ultimately determine return to service (for 737 Max) in each relevant jurisdiction. This may include a phased approach and timing may vary by jurisdiction.