Feel Free to Improve your Russian Language Skills with NovaMova
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Feel Free to Improve your Russian Language Skills with NovaMova

The Russian language is used by more than 260 million people and there is an increasing demand for this language speakers in various types of business.

Feel Free to Improve your Russian Language Skills with NovaMova

NovaMova belongs to one of the best Russian language schools in Slavic countries. Our professionals not only select and prepare a methodology/training program specifically for you, but also take into account the interests and purpose of a foreign language learning that you set for yourself. 

The proposed immersion learning method for adults has its main goal – to increase literacy, pronunciation, and learn the Russian language in order to speak it and understand without vocabulary. The course we offer is intended for employees of foreign companies who want to reach the career growth, as well as individuals, who want to enjoy the Post-Soviet Countries visiting. The training is led by practicing teachers who, due to their rich experience, can turn the Russian learning process into exciting lessons. Foreign students, who have completed our courses, not only master Russian greatly, but also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture, customs, attend various events, performances, exhibitions, and museums.

The person can improve the general conversational course, business Russian, or even start with the alphabet in order to get basic knowledge for further intellectual development. Courses fully comply with international standards. We can include topics which meet your interest, work out necessary skills in practice (for example, phone/business negotiations or letters writing). You can also adjust the intensity and timing of training.

What can you get while training with teachers in NovaMova?
  • A maximum of modern and useful information with the exception of all unnecessary data.
  • Experienced practitioners who are ready to answer all your questions.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and shaping the program content of each student.
  • A home-style atmosphere, which stresses out and positively influences all the participants.
  • One of the most adequate prices in Kyiv.
  • A possibility to improve language skills outside the class (while performing some outdoor activities and communication with native speakers).
  • Positive emotions.
  • A document landing that certifies the passage of courses.
  • Real result and visible progress, which can make you more self-confident.

NovaMova shows up among rivals thanks to the successful combination of classical teaching methods with modern ones. The school gives the priority to speaking practice (from 70 to 90% of lessons you will speak), moreover, specialists systematically perform monitoring of learning achievements and find knowledge gaps for further fulfillment. The student will be able to understand the words and various Russian accents, which are very valuable for those people, who want to get new opportunities and reach the native speaker level. Our schools are located in Odessa, Kyiv, Chisinau (Moldova), so you can choose any of them or even try to get the required knowledge online.

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