NEWS | India Test-fires Indigenous QR-SAM System
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NEWS | India Test-fires Indigenous QR-SAM System

Image Attribute: Ministry of Defence (India) / PTI 

India's state-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) developed Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QR-SAM) was successfully flight tested from ITR Chandipur, off the Odisha Coast at 11.30 AM on July 3. 

According to the press release, all the technologies and subsystems incorporated in the missile have performed well, meeting all the mission requirements. All the Radars, Electro-Optical Systems, Telemetry Systems and other stations have tracked the Missile and monitored all the Parameters. The Missile test met all the objectives.

The missile fired by the QR-SAM system, which uses a solid-fuel propellant and has a stated strike range of 25-30 km, was launched from a truck-mounted canister which is a 360° rotatable, electro-mechanically operated, turret-based launch unit.

Director DRDL, MSR Prasad, Director RCI, BHVS N. Murthy and Director ITR, Dr. B.K. Das monitored the launch operation in the presence of, Scientific Advisor to Defense Minister & Director General (MSS) Dr. G Satheesh Reddy. 

On June 6, 2017 (a month ago), the similar QR-SAM system was tested from the same test range with similar configurations. This test can be considered to be the part of the development cycle of the indigenous Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) system which is intended to replace Indian Army's Soviet-vintage OSA-AK (SA-8) and SA-6 units.

The Indian Army has serious reservations against the indigenous ‘Akash’ SAM System with respect to mobility, though it has ordered for two regiments at INR 14,180 crore. Army cited problems are infrastructural - the requirement for 360° coverage and the need for multiple vehicles along with launchers, in deploying the Akash missiles against enemy air attacks in Forward Areas

However, Indian Air Force does not have similar problems as the Army and went on inducting Israeli-made SPYDER-MR (Surface-to-air PYthon and DERby: Medium Range) system on western borders after 3 years delay only due to lack of availability of Czech manufactured Tatra trucks on which the missiles were to be mounted. Air Force is also inducting 15 squadrons of Akash missile systems for INR 10,900 crore — meant to guard its airbases.