OPINION | Terrorism Cannot Win, If We Do Not Fall Into The Trap of Hate by Federica Fanuli
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OPINION | Terrorism Cannot Win, If We Do Not Fall Into The Trap of Hate by Federica Fanuli

By Federica Fanuli

Grenades, Kalashnikovs, a coordinated attack broke the quiet of a Friday night in Paris and as the September 11 2001 for the United States, the date of 13 and 14 November 2015 will mark deeply the history of France. Terrorism cannot win, if we do not fall in to the trap of hate.

OPINION | Terrorism Cannot Win, If We Do Not Fall Into The Trap of Hate by Federica Fanuli

Paris has fallen apart under the attack of terrorism and the ISIS has claimed of the massacre using miniaturized cells, small groups that operate on their own, with which the Islamic State shares the values ​​that do not need, however, to direct. Not more greatest terrorist structures, such as Al-Qaeda, but forms of franchising that work for the parent company and share the same ideology of the parent company.

If the enrolled fighters cannot travel in the Middle East, the Islamic State supports its activities at home, in their country. As matter of the fact, it cannot be rule out that the attack has been planned in France, because the eight terrorists could be able to easily recruit illegal weapons, a huge market in Europe. So, not lone wolves, but cells less monitored by intelligence services that receive organizational and ideological input and endanger European society. And Europe should act, as united States don’t intend to do, re-evaluating strategies and agreements.

The immediate response to the attacks would be military, that certainly more plausible, but we analyze the whole scenario. On the one hand, the United States do not intend to intervene except through air strikes. Obama does not believe that the conflict against war sparked by Bush has been functional to eradicate the enemy. We understand that the attack in Paris is just another consequence of what happened fourteen years ago, the race to the use of force after the attack at the Twin Towers, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

An intervention dictated by the confusion prevailing in the West today could generate another quagmire, especially if the military instrument does not follow an objective, a result. Just see what became Libya after the NATO intervention, wanted above all from France. Without a solution, it has been eliminated Gaddafi and now the country poured into civil war between tribes. On the other hand, Russia is pushing for an action in Syria even if he wants to protect his friend Assad, although before an attack could be important an agreement between the two blocs of the world and Europe at this table should rise to role of diplomat architect, the balance of power that could mend the rift. How the balance is Iran in the Middle East.

A Western agreement should follow a covenant between Iran-Saudi Arabia to fight terrorism. The same Saudi Arabia that has raised 40,000 imams to radical fundamentalist Wahhabi propaganda, that is out of the coalition anti-ISIS now and has started to bomb the Shiites in Yemen. Shiites affected by Sunnis, because this war is both a war inter-Islamic. We do not underestimate the attack in Beirut a few days ago. The ISIS is in Lebanon and the massacre of Shiites is obviously a threat to Iran, which supports Hezbollah which the West perhaps should rethink its role in an anti-terroristic key. We do not underestimate that the only ones who fight against the militias of the Islamic State are the Kurds. This means that Turkey, NATO member, should understand what is the main enemy, the Islamic fundamentalism that is on the basis of ISIS, instead of bombarding the Peshmerga location. Turkey, which with France has encouraged the entry of jihadists in Syria against Assad. There are also elements that enrich and complicate this scenario. The illegal traffic of weapons and works of art, terrorist training, and oil revenues are all factors involving the Western complicity.

The upcoming summit in Vienna with Syria on the agenda and the G20 in Turkey should report to the eyes the need for a united, strong acts that should not consist solely in the attack by land, boots on the ground, because to curb the expansion of ISIS that it prospered and was left prosper before take up guns, the first step would be to interrupt the ambiguity of western politics in business with the countries that has financed and finance terrorism.

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Federica Fanuli was graduated with honours in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Salento and she has obtained a Master’s Degree in Political Science, European Studies and International Relations at the same University. Foreign Affairs analyst, she is Editorial Manager of Mediterranean Affairs, a project aiming to provide analyses that cover the Mediterranean area. Columnist of the Sunday Sentinel, she is Editorial Board Member of Cosmopolismedia.it and Editor-at-large of IndraStra Global. She can be reached at her LinkedIn profile. / Thomson Reuters ResearcherID : M-9093-2015

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