CYBER SECURITY | DEFCOM Completes Development of World's Most Secured Messenger
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CYBER SECURITY | DEFCOM Completes Development of World's Most Secured Messenger

A German Language Advertisement of DECOM Messenger  - Released on October 19, 2015

Oct 19 (Reuters) - In 2013, the world was shocked by a scandal that unfolded after a former NSA and CIA employee Edward Snowden disclosed information that the American special services had ordinary citizens under surveillance. This situation resulted in a trend inside the online community that led to a start of the new epoch, the epoch of super-secured and safe communication.

DEFCOM, a Monaco-based IT company, took on this challenge and decided to make communication of Internet users around the globe free and secure. DEFCOM was created by a team of like-minded people in 2014 in Monaco. The company focuses on development of IT products with high level of user data protection, which should make online communication truly free and safe.

The team currently consists of over one hundred experts, including developers, designers, marketing analysts, translators and, naturally, data protection experts.

DEFCOM products developers use latest high-end data protection technologies in order to make online communication safe and secure. The company's co-founder Dmitriy Chornyi says that the company has already completed the development of a unique extra-secure product - the most secure messaging app in the world titled DefTalk.

The messenger will be released soon in App Store and Google Play.

It is based on a new technology of protection of data transferred over the Internet called 4xSecure. Chornyi is confident that this is the world's top technology as of today.

4XSecure is a technology including four levels of data transfer protection:

* Data encryption on user's end * No storage of data on the company's servers * TLS/SSL protocols * Location of the servers in Monaco.

DEFCOM representatives claim that thanks to the most reliable up-to-date algorithms of data protection the users can be sure that their messages can only be read by the person to whom they were sent.

To the question why DEFCOM was create in Monaco, Chornyi answers simply: "Principality of Monaco is a place on the map, where personal data protection of citizens is a priority link of the government policy, which is why the issue of secure communication is taken very seriously there.

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Content provided by DEFCOM via Reuters.