Ban on "Nirbhaya" documentary- Justifiable or not? by Pooja Datta
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Ban on "Nirbhaya" documentary- Justifiable or not? by Pooja Datta

"You flow through our minds as lurking shame..
  failed to shield you from the terrifying pain...
  You are a martyr, brave one-without fear...
  Solemn promise, your sacrifice shall not be vain..."
  - Extract of Poem by Yesha Shah

Ban on Leslee Udwains documentary “ India’s Daughter” is a topic of debate currently. While some section of the society appreciates it and considers it justifiable, the other half disagrees and is questioning on why is Indian Government so afraid to broadcast the documentary?

According to the Delhi police it is stopped because the convict makes a derogatory remark that insults the modesty of the woman. Agreed,  the psychopath  Mukesh Singh’s comments portrays his shameless mentality and the fact that he has no impact or repentance on the sickening act he has done  on Dec 16, 2012 in New Delhi.

But the real question is, suppressing the rapist mentality and not showcasing the truth is justifiable or not? A section of the populace is somewhere still nurturing this mentality. Instead of facing the bitter truth and shortcomings of our society hiding it will only aggravate this.

Foreign media has tried to indicate that faults are rooted to our Indian sociology. The brutal behavior needs to be addressed and rectified from the source itself. Yes, may be banning it has tried to do damage control by not giving away wrong message to the younger generations of the society. A certain percentage of society is not matured enough to handle the raw things which has been said and shared in the documentary. However just banning and doing nothing concrete to correct the wrong , taking no quick action also gives out a wrong message to the society. The wrong message that educated civilized men are giving out, that men are like thorns, “tough and strong”, and “women have no space in our culture”.

So the question still remains, “Is banning the documentary Justifiable”?