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IndraStra Global Open Repository - IGOR

IndraStra Global Open Repository - IGOR (Powered by Zenodo)

IndraStra Global Open Repository - IGOR (Powered by Zenodo) is intended to be used for sharing and publishing open research data created in the form of articles, reports, datasets, etc. by the staff, contributors and strategic knowledge partners affiliated with IndraStra Global. 

As an organization, we are committed to disseminating our research and insights as widely as possible under "Open Access Framework".

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Data Curation Policy:

1) The data curation activities, in part, from our mission to gather, index, and make available intellectual content of the IndraStra Global community through IGOR.

2) The primary purpose of hosting data in IGOR is to facilitate data sharing for the purposes of data reuse and contributing to open knowledge framework.

3) The researcher shall deposit their published articles (e.g. pdf, .doc, .docx) on IGOR following the legal aspects on self-archiving and Open Access to repositories.

4) Data deposited in IGOR will be in a static, “final” state, though there are no restrictions on uploading new or updated versions of a dataset. Data producers interested in the periodic preservation of continuously updated (streaming) data should contact the IndraStra Global Open Repository Administrator i.e., IGOR Administrator ( to discuss best practices for curating streaming data.

5) IndraStra Global is committed to maintaining and preserving access to the content in IGOR and ensuring that all of the files in the repository are retrievable. Our Minimum Deposit Requirements (specifically, our requirement for non­proprietary representations of datasets) are meant to facilitate the long­term preservation and accessibility of content in the repository.

5.1) Minimum Deposit Requirements

In order to make deposited datasets usable by others, IGOR has a minimum set of requirements that all data deposits must meet.

5.1.1.) Each data file must be presented with at least a minimal data dictionary that describes the data elements presented in the data file. The data dictionary must be submitted in a non­proprietary format (e.g. .txt, .tif).

5.1.2) Data files must be presented, where possible, in a non­proprietary format (e.g. .txt, .tif). IGOR will accept proprietary file formats where non­proprietary formats are not available or where non­proprietary formatting makes the data file substantially less usable. Proprietary formats may be submitted alongside non­proprietary formats to facilitate near­term reuse of data.

5.1.3) Deposited datasets must be presented with sufficient documentation to describe the deposited dataset or data collection in the form of a readme file. Such documentation should, at the minimum, include a description of the files in the data collection and be presented as a text file. IGOR Administrator can provide guidance and assistance for providing non­proprietary formats/formatting and the creation of data dictionaries and readme files.

6) The upper limit on uploading individual files is 50GB per Data Set. For files larger than 50GB, IGOR Administrator will work with the service provider (Zenodo) to determine whether and how IGOR can accommodate these files.

Open Access Identifiers

ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories) ID: 13459 

OpenDOAR ID: 4429


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