Spacecom Successfully Tested Micro Sling Blade Ka-Band ESA on AMOS-17 Advanced Satellite
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Spacecom Successfully Tested Micro Sling Blade Ka-Band ESA on AMOS-17 Advanced Satellite

Sling Blade - Electronically steerable antenna on the move

Image Attribute: Sling Blade - Electronically steerable antenna on the move

On August 18, 2021, Israeli communications satellite operator Spacecom announced the successful testing of Get SAT's next-generation Micro Sling Blade Ka-Band Satcom-On-The-Move terminal on AMOS-17's advanced, digital Ka-Band. The test was hosted at the SMS Teleport in Rugby, UK.

AMOS-17, the most advanced HTS satellite serving Africa, was chosen by Get SAT for testing its newest electronically steered antenna (ESA), bringing together optimal G/T and a high performing satellite terminal that resulted in an unparalleled throughput of 5 MBPS forward and 25 MPBS return rate. 

This combination of AMOS-17's capabilities and the Get SAT Micro Sling Blade ESA offers superior performance satellite communication, flexible solutions, and competitive advantages for customers in aviation and land-on-the-move markets.

Get SAT's scalable ESA terminal is a fully integrated, all-in-one, a modem-agnostic solution that includes a built-in Get SAT Micro Modem and GS950 modem (iDirect 950). As an off-the-shelf, end-to-end terminal with industry-leading SWaP and no trade-offs, it provides reliable communications at a low profile to meet a range of governments, defense, and first responder applications.

"The Micro Sling Blade's successful proof of concept testing with Spacecom's AMOS-17 satellite is another step forward," said Kfir Benjamin, Get SAT's CEO. "Get SAT is now beginning to supply this super low-profile ESA to government and defense customers requiring powerful, lightweight SWaP solutions."

Spacecom Senior VP Business Development & Marketing Ofer Asif added, "The AMOS-17 is an advanced digital platform serving an array of customers in a wide range of applications. We are keen to work with companies such as Get SAT that bring new and exciting applications to the market."

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