Sudanese Transitional Government, SRF Signs Landmark Peace Deal
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Sudanese Transitional Government, SRF Signs Landmark Peace Deal

Sudanese Transitional Government, SRF Signs Landmark Peace Deal

Last week, the Sudanese Transitional Military Council (TMC) signed a historic peace deal with leaders of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (Al-Jabhat Al-Thawriyat Al-Sudan), according to the country's Sovereignty Council.

Vice-President of the Sudanese Transitional Government, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan's Hemeti' Dagolo, who played a leading role in the negotiations, called the agreement "a proud moment for the country."

The peace deal was agreed in principle in August and an intense mediation process resulted in the final agreement that was signed by all parties on Friday.

"Today is a proud day for Sudan. All parties have focused, engaged, and been relentless in our efforts to finalize this peace deal. The talks succeeded because we entered the negotiations as brothers, not foes," Hemeti said.

Sudan, Various Rebel Groups Signs Landmark Peace Deal

The mediation was initiated and implemented by the Sudanese without any international intervention.

"This is a peace that wasn't forced upon us. Rather it's a peace that the Sudanese people brought for themselves," he noted.

Vice-President Hemeti has been at the forefront of the peace process in Sudan, as the country has worked to find lasting peace following almost two decades of conflict.

"We must all remember peace has been hard-fought, it has taken a long time to get to where we are. It's vital all parties acknowledge that and together, we ensure we stay within the framework of the agreement," the Vice-President said.

The agreement covers key issues around security, land ownership, transitional justice, power-sharing, and the return of people who fled their homes because of fighting.

"Our people can't afford to fall back into heartbreaking conflict. It's time to move on, strengthen our economy, improve the lives of our citizens, and work more closely with our international partners," Hemeti pointed out.

The peace deal also provides for the dismantling of rebel forces and the integration of their fighters into the national army.

Vice-President Hemeti called on other armed groups to join the peace process. "We still have work to do. Not everyone has engaged in the process. To Abdu Al Wahid Mohamed Al Nuor and other members of the Sudan Liberation Movement, engage, choose peace and let's allow our people to heal and grow," he said.

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