New eBook Launched - Use the Right Channels to Communicate With Impact
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New eBook Launched - Use the Right Channels to Communicate With Impact

New eBook Launched - Use the Right Channels to Communicate With Impact

With so much volatility in our world and economy today, it is more important than ever to communicate effectively with employees. The right message, delivered at the right times and through the right channels, goes a long way toward building community and engagement.

To further support leaders and communicators in this unprecedented period, The Grossman Group, a Chicago-based leadership, and communications consultancy have updated its popular communication channels guide eBook. The newly updated eBook, Use the Right Channels to Communicate with Impact In Challenging Times, is an invaluable resource for leaders looking to build the kind of strong and resilient team that can readily tackle a host of new challenges. 

"For so many teams that have suddenly become remote due to COVID-19 and many others struggling to navigate the new normal in business today, effective communication is undoubtedly a key to success," says David Grossman, founder, and CEO of The Grossman Group. "Adopting the right approach to communication by using the right channels at the right times is one of the best and most powerful tools companies have in breaking down barriers and bringing people together."

Communicators and leaders have a wide range of options for communication channels today, and the list of channels keeps growing, Grossman says. Only a few months ago, for instance, video conferences like ZOOM and Microsoft Teams were used far less than they are today. Still, having access to so many channels doesn't always mean your messages are received, heard, understood, or acted upon.

"With more options to choose from, leaders need to ensure channels are selected strategically so employees aren't victims of information overload," Grossman says. "You want to make sure your choices engage employees in the most meaningful ways so they can achieve more, both personally and for the organization."

The eBook provides a quick overview of the key communication options and guidance on which channels may work best for any particular organization. All of this aids in crafting or updating a strategic communication plan.

The eBook helps leaders decide among the many options today, including:

  • Video Conference Calls (such as ZOOM and Microsoft Teams)
  • Traditional Conference Calls
  • Town Halls
  • Podcasts
  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Face-to-Face
  • Internal Publications
  • Internal Social Media
  • And more!

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