EnGenius Cloud is Now Available in Mexico
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EnGenius Cloud is Now Available in Mexico

EnGenius Cloud is Now Available in Mexico

US-based EnGenius Technologies Inc., today announced its partnership with Mexico-based SYSCOM to make EnGenius Cloud available for the first time in Mexico. The latest service from the networking solutions expert uses cutting-edge cloud computing for its first cloud-based wireless network management solution allowing IT administrators to plan and deploy thousands of sophisticated networks in minutes.

The EnGenius Cloud is built upon a true cloud solution – it has the foundation of the most advanced cloud computing technology known to the industry and operates on a completely serverless infrastructure model using FaaS that works in microseconds and offers proven scalability. The robust and dynamic cloud computing infrastructure allows unlimited devices per site while maintaining high performance and reliability. It is powerful enough to simultaneously control and monitor up to 100,000 access points and switches under one account with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% SLA.

The EnGenius Cloud has multiple levels of security. It provides TFA for logging into the cloud and WPA3 for client devices connecting with access points. In addition, EnGenius has implemented an advanced multi-tenant cloud infrastructure to further protect management and user data and provide a secure and scalable cloud solution.

EnGenius is continually developing new features and visual tools that will pave the way for future Cloud developments. The EnGenius Cloud diagnoses the network, pinpoints issues, and provides potential resolutions for network administrators. EnGenius's cutting-edge cloud solution comes compatible with next-generation Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 access points and multi-gigabit switches.

EnGenius Cloud is a subscription-free network management platform that gives IT professionals the ability to accelerate access point and gigabit switch deployments more accurately and simply, and quickly administer networks at their fingertips. It also provides real-time designing, planning, and management from a single dashboard. EnGenius Cloud offers 24/7 access to comprehensive visual tools that provide a high-level view of EnGenius networks down to the most granular insights for more thorough troubleshooting.

By simplifying the processes for troubleshooting, multiple remote site management, firmware, and security updates, the new EnGenius Cloud decreases the need to dispatch a technician onsite and brings Wi-Fi sophisticated network management and site survey tools to the hands of the customer.

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