Connection Newspaper partners with InfoMark to Enhance Its Reader Experience
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Connection Newspaper partners with InfoMark to Enhance Its Reader Experience

Connection Newspaper partners with InfoMark to Enhance Its Reader Experience

On May 18, 2020, Alabama-based InfoMark announced the partnership with the Connection Newspaper in order to bring increased Alexa audio, video, photos, PDFs, Maps, and other related digital content directly to its newsprint. The Connection with its 25,000 readerships is 100% saturated in southern Alabama.

The Connection and its Owner/Publisher Chris Taylor will use InfoMark technology to enhance it's print and user experience with Amazon Alexa audio, video, photos, and other digital content, directly tying its Newsprint to the digital world. The Connection was looking for a means to create a more connected personal experience than print alone and they found it in InfoMark.

"The Connection will unleash The Digital Power of Print! We will be helping Chris fully implement the power of InfoMark and will be using it to create a more personal connection with their content," said Jesse Stallone, President of InfoMark. Mr. Taylor wants to not only expand his readership but also deliver a more complete experience. Tying an array of fast, easily accessible digital content directly to print is critical to future success. Creating more value for Newspapers around the globe is our goal. The User Experience was declining before InfoMark and we look to turn that trend around.

"We must evolve and innovate in order to survive in this changing environment. We have to improve every day and listen to our users. They want a better experience and we are dedicated to giving them exactly what they want. We are evolving and InfoMark is our answer," said Taylor, Publisher of The Connection.  "Simply creating a website is not good enough. We sought technologies to increase our unique content and advertising value and that is Print! The Connection will also use InfoMark to create more value to its advertisers and more value means more revenue which is, the lifeblood of any Newspaper."

InfoMark, launched in November 2019, uses simple alphanumeric codes that when placed in print give users simple and quick access to PDFs, Audio, Video, Photos, URLs, and other digital files the writer feels that expands the content and connection to its readers. InfoMark is fast and simple. InfoMark also gives users the ability to save their history of Marks for easy access again and again. It' s the most user-friendly experience in the industry. Users can create accounts at or the InfoMark App or simply access 100% of the digital content anonymously. It is all about giving our users a great experience not tracking them.

The Connection Newspaper headquartered in Grand Bay, Al serves southern Alabama. It is a family-run Newspaper. Taylor assumed the role of Publisher in 2016. 

Writer and Editors can simply create accounts at or the InfoMark App to begin their InfoMark experience. Millions of marks are still available and are free for the first year, after that each Mark is just $10 per year! We are dedicated to revitalizing Print in a whole new and exciting way!

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