The Post-Pandemic World Order: Nine Pointers
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The Post-Pandemic World Order: Nine Pointers

The Post-Pandemic World Order: Nine Pointers by Dr. Sitakanta Mishra


Will the world see ushering of new world order and the arrival of a new global leader post COVID-19 pandemic? Such a systemic alteration to occur, some fracture in the ruling cohort is a pre-requisite. Has any irreparable fracture among the current global ruling elites emerged? Will the wrangling centered around the pandemic will prompt any fresh alignment and counter-alignment process culminating in a new polarity? Where does India fit in? Can India, while prioritizing domestic requirements, assume some global responsibility in an unfolding new world order to ensure a seat in the high table for itself? By connecting the socio-economic-strategic spats and crisis time power play in the wake of the pandemic this paper demarcates the broad pointers of the post-COVID-19 world order which may not be fully visible for next one year or two. If the US and European powers remain absent in shaping a global unity, as usual, China and India may take the crisis as an opportunity to start setting new rules and initiate actions according to their global governance visions. The author suggests that new world order is in the offing and with the strong leadership and global vision of Narendra Modi, India must look beyond the America-led world order, and both competing and cooperating with China, to usher the post-pandemic world order as ‘Chindian world order’ to its advantage.

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Publication Details:

Title: The Post-Pandemic World Order: Nine Pointers
Author: Dr. Sitakanta Mishra
Illustrated by: Rose McReid
Publisher: IndraStra Global, 2020
Imprint: IndraStra Papers
ISBN-13: 9798636741671
Number of Pages: 56

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