Mobile Experts Outlines Strong RoI for Enterprise Edge Computing
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Mobile Experts Outlines Strong RoI for Enterprise Edge Computing

Mobile Experts Outlines Strong RoI for Enterprise Edge Computing

In a report released today, Mobile Experts outlines a strong return on investment for enterprise edge computing and includes three specific ROI calculations for key vertical markets.

The number and diversity of edge computing use cases have grown quickly over the past year, with many unexpected applications popping up in all kinds of vertical markets.

The report examines three specific sample cases: oil and gas, furniture manufacturing, and fast food. Each illustrates the strong motivations for the enterprise to invest in MEC, though the edge computing architecture must be tailor-made for the specific business in order to meet objectives.

"The strong upcoming growth in industrial, manufacturing and retail markets are the most interesting among the new cases because they carry edge computing revenue that is practically non-existent today," commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. "It gets even more compelling when analyzing the architecture required for success. Each business will need to develop a personalized edge computing business model to capitalize on both cost savings and new revenues."

A small edge computing investment by a certain enterprise will either raise the revenue ceiling or lower costs. This new report maps each unique business to the Edge Computing architecture and business model which suits them.

"Oil and gas is a great example of an edge computing business case. Often operating in remote areas, the maintenance of digital information required for equipment is central to success: drill speeds, precise drilling locations, etc. A single oil well generates a staggering 10 Terabytes of data per day—in this report, we outline exactly how edge computing could eliminate huge costs and improve operations for this industry and others."

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