Coronavirus/COVID-19: 25% of New York City Residents are Infected
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Coronavirus/COVID-19: 25% of New York City Residents are Infected

By IndraStra Global News Team

Coronavirus/COVID-19: 25% of New York City Residents are Infected

One in four residents of New York City—or 2.1 million people—have been infected with the novel coronavirus, according to the state Governor Andrew Cuomo. The number is far higher than the 2,91,996 cases officially recorded, and it means the other 1.8 million people were either asymptomatic or only had mild symptoms

Regionally, the results suggest:
  • 24.7% positive in New York City
  • 15.1% positive in Westchester/Rockland
  • 14.4% positive on Long Island
  • 3.2% positive in the rest of the state

Cuomo said on April 27 that the 24.7 percent estimate of the people infected with COVID-19 was based on antibody testing for the presence of virus-fighters in the bloodstream that would show that a person has had the disease.

Cuomo also said 14.9% of those tested statewide tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, which is up from the initial 13.9% statewide when a previous sample of 3,000 people was done on April 22. Cuomo said the 1% increase is statistically in the margin of error.

The governor said he’s going to conduct antibody surveys of 1,000 NYPD and FDNY personnel to determine the infection rate in those organizations. A similar survey will be done with 3,000 health care workers and 1,000 transit workers.

“We want to un-PAUSE. May 15 is when the PAUSE regulations expire statewide. I will extend them in many parts of the state. But in some parts of the state, some regions, you can make the case that we should un-PAUSE on May 15. But you have to be smart about it,” Cuomo said. “Start thinking through what it means to reopen.”

Overall, New York has been the hardest-hit state in the nation with more than a quarter of the cases in the United States, and about 40% of its death total.


The estimate shows the high risk of the huge number of silent carriers of the coronavirus spreading the disease. Furthermore, the high number of cases also lowers the death rate of infected people. The larger number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 could influence decisions on opening up the city and state, as according to some scientists, they may have developed immunity to the disease. 

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