- The Future of Conservative Engagement in American Politics
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IndraStra Global - The Future of Conservative Engagement in American Politics - The Future of Conservative Engagement in American Politics

After nine years of research, development, and testing, Florida-based Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC., has just released the most comprehensive civic engagement platform ever built. Launched on January 20th as, it features four innovative technologies designed to effectively solve voters' four main frustrations.
"Thanks to our Advisory Initiative Technology, the 'buy-a-poll' and call congress 'leave-a-message' games are over! The policy-making process will finally be interactive and participatory, the way our Founders intended. And our exclusive ability to detect 'Votes Cast Not Counted' with our Election Participation Audit, and In-Process Ballot Trakker will be priceless tools for the Trump Campaign during Election 2020. Remember, getting out to vote is only half the solution, making sure they are counted is the other half,"  said Chuck Kirkpatrick, Founder, and CEO of Poli-Tech.

According to Kirkpatrick, this state-of-the-art platform provides measurable results, with a variety of data analysis reports. The registration process verifies every member's citizenship, registered voter status, party affiliation, Congressional district, and most importantly if they are Conservative-leaning. It is subscription-based and provides numerous advantages for lawmakers as well as a special Youth Membership for ages 15 – 17.

"Facebook has become the liberals most powerful weapon for social-political control, so we also developed our own social network - Conservatives Action Community. Our members can finally join together in a family-oriented network free from trolls, partisan hatred, bias, fake members or censorship," adds Kirkpatrick.

"It is an honor to play a tiny part in bringing conservative technology into the 21st Century! What they have created will be a powerful tool to preserve, protect and promote our conservative values and share our message with fellow conservatives and lawmakers at the federal, state and local levels. My friends, we must all endeavor to help grow this technology platform as it will unify and strengthen the nationwide conservative movement," states George Navarini, Chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Broward County. 

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