Revl Raises US$ 5.5 million in Series A Funding
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Revl Raises US$ 5.5 million in Series A Funding

Revl, AI-powered Video Editing Company Raises US$ 5.5 million in Series A Funding

On February 25, 2020, Revl, the leading camera, and AI-powered video editing company, announces a US$ 5.5 million Series A funding round led by Nimble Ventures with participation from Tuesday Capital, Silicon Valley Data Capital and Luma Pictures. 

The funding will be used to fuel the growth of their AI video production service, Revl X, used by Audi, Porsche, Two Major Cruise Lines, Zip World UK, Skydive Drop Zones and other world-class companies that have sought out Revl to drive the best experiences for their customers.

The funding comes on the heels of a pivot based on partnerships that crystallized the importance of beautifully edited, instantly shareable videos to the experience economy. The next generation of businesses are driven by high-quality experiences they can easily share on social networks. The customer-specific bespoke technology solutions being developed at Revl enables the most seamless capture, edit and share process on the market. Revl's software can understand human emotions and identify key moments in an experience and the cameras are geospatially aware.

As a result, the AI is able to edit videos down to the most important moments in customer adventures. For experienced-based companies, like Zip World UK, the impact on sales and organic marketing has been unprecedented because customers are left with highly shareable content that immediately finds its way onto social platforms. The content also comes with hashtags and other key identifiers pre-embedded, so operators are automatically included in social posts with minimal effort from customers.

"There's a reason why this hasn't been done before," said Eric Sanchez, Co-founder and CEO of Revl. "Editing and delivering fully customized video souvenirs of epic experiences in real-time is computationally and programmatically very difficult. The team at Revl has leveraged the power of AI and parallel processing to build a fully automatic system that edits and delivers HD cinematic video souvenirs instantly. Just like you would expect on the Splash Mountain ride but with a video instead of just a photo, for example. Our goal is to make our technology vertical agnostic in the next 1-2 years so it can be used in almost any kind of adventure or activity."

Klaus Demel, Head of Driver Experience at Audi, revealed that "Our main task is to give our customers the best experience. They experience perfect cars, they have a great environment and with Revl X I think it's the best opportunity for them to see what they experienced here and also to share it with others. I think this is something that will become really big!"

With the experience economy in full-swing, companies care more than ever before about capturing and sharing the high-value moments in their lives. What was previously a tedious, time-consuming experience is now completed in seconds using powerful AI. Whether driving around a track, skydiving or zip-lining through the jungle, the next generation of companies provides their customers with immediately shareable, perfectly edited videos that capture the most important moments of the experience.

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