IIT-D Tryst Fest 2020: Graphite GTC Named as the Title Sponsor
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IIT-D Tryst Fest 2020: Graphite GTC Named as the Title Sponsor

IIT-D Tryst Fest 2020: Graphite GTC Named as the Title Sponsor

US-based Graphite GTC, the leading global No-Code software development platform, has been named as a Title Sponsor of the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D)'s Tryst Tech Fest 2020. 'Tryst2020,' the largest technical festival in North India, and is expected to attract over 60,000 visitors to the IIT-D campus in New Delhi, India during the March 6-8th weekend event.

Graphite GTC's emphasis on education and the future of software development brings together entrepreneurs, students, developers, professionals, faculty, and investors to bolster the "citizen developer" movement - putting easy to use software development tools in the hands of everyone so that one can develop full-scale enterprise-class applications 4-5x faster with uncompromised security.  

Graphite Studio, as the official Software Development Partner of Tryst IIT-D, is offering ₹10,00,000 in cash awards to winners of the Graphite Studio hackathon; 5 finalists will be named at the March 8th closing event. The competition fosters a community around the rapid application development and technological advances as celebrated by Tryst2020.

Bryan Rishforth, Chairman of Graphite GTC announced: "We are thrilled to partner with such an esteemed organization as Tryst, and CAIC, IIT-D as the Title Sponsor for Tryst2020 Technical Festival. Tryst IIT-D's entrepreneurial, creative, and technological culture is perfectly aligned with Graphite's 'Future of Software – No Code' mission." Naitik Gupta, Tryst's Overall Coordinator, emphasized: "Tryst IIT-D and CAIC IIT-D are proud to announce Graphite GTC as our Title Sponsor of Tryst2020. We look forward to building a strong relationship with Graphite GTC as they shape the future of Software Development in India with their NCDPTM platform, Graphite Studio."

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