Atos Rolls-out Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service for Goli Nutrition
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Atos Rolls-out Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service for Goli Nutrition

Atos Rolls-out Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service for Goli Nutrition

On February 20, 2020, French information technology major Atos announced that it will deliver its Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service to California-based Goli Nutrition, as part of its Codex solutions and services to improve quality control and increase uptime and capacity for Goli's automated, high tech manufacturing equipment and processes.

Goli, the leader in innovative health and wellness', is the creator of the world's first apple cider vinegar (ACV) gummy. Since launch, Goli has experienced exponential growth, making its ACV gummies the single largest health product SKU, globally, and the brand is slated for massive retail expansion in 2020. To help fulfill these goals, Goli has added four new manufacturing lines to its California manufacturing plant.

Atos will provide Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service by implementing modern data processing and data science software that leverages compute at the edge to produce predictive insights to maintenance and operations centers. On-premise, Atos' powerful BullSequana Edge devices will provide real-time data science predictions and data ingestion to anticipate machine failure, monitor asset behavior and analyze trends with robust reporting tools.

"Our mission at Goli is to provide consumers with the simplest, most enjoyable option to bettering their overall health and wellness," said Michael Bitensky, Co-Founder of Goli. "Partnering with Atos allows us to empower our manufacturing process with cutting-edge technology to ensure each Goli consumer continues to receive a perfect and consistent experience each and every time."

"Atos' Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service aims to fuel the inventive nature of Goli's company and infuse its business with data-driven productivity and insights. The key to reinvention in the manufacturing business is operational excellence, which is the ability to achieve the production and distribution agility needed to respond to new opportunities while maintaining efficiency and a sustained competitive margin," said Karan Chetal, Vice President, Head of Strategic Engagements, Atos in North America.

In developing this innovative solution, Goli participated in an Atos Artificial Intelligence Lab session for intensive technical discovery and assessment process to pre-determine any technical requirements and constraints. The AI Lab aids Atos to deepen its knowledge in Goli's process, workflow, tooling, and personas, while also providing next-generation technology as Goli becomes the health company of the future.

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