Samsung's "Age of Experience": Next Decade is All About Human-centric Solutions
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Samsung's "Age of Experience": Next Decade is All About Human-centric Solutions

By IndraStra Global News Team

Image Attribute: Mr. H.S. Kim, Samsung Consumer Electronics President, and CEO unveiling his company's new vision — “Age of Experience” at CES 2020.

Image Attribute: Mr. H.S. Kim, Samsung Consumer Electronics President, and CEO unveiling his company's new vision — “Age of Experience” at CES 2020.

On January 6, 2020, the South Korean electronics major Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled its new vision — “Age of Experience” —  highlighting human-centric solutions such as a personal care robot, AI-powered home of the future, and a smart city driven by the Internet of things (IoT) and 5G at the ongoing CES 2020 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

According to keynote speaker, H.S. Kim, Samsung Consumer Electronics President and CEO, the ''Age of Experience'' will transform how we care for ourselves and our family and customize our homes to meet our individual needs.

“In the Age of Experience, we need to re-think the space we have to accommodate our diverse and evolving lifestyles,” said H.S. Kim. “What makes Samsung’s approach unique is the fact that we have a very clear philosophy built around human-centered innovation. We build and create to solve problems and enhance people’s lives”

Kim unveiled Samsung's vision of robots as ''life companions'', and introduced Ballie, a small, rolling robot that understands you, supports you and reacts to your needs to be actively helpful around the house.

Dr. Sebastian Seung, Executive Vice President, and Chief Research Scientist at Samsung Electronics said that Ballie, with its On-Device AI capabilities, is a fitness assistant and a mobile interface that seeks solutions for people's changing needs. It does all this while maintaining stringent data protection and privacy standards.

“We believe AI is the future of personalized care,” stated Dr. Seung. “We see on-device AI as central to truly personalized experiences. On-device AI puts you in control of your information and protects your privacy, while still delivering the power of personalization.”

Samsung also showed how a room can be transformed with a screen like its MicroLED display, a convergence of software, AI, IoT, and hardware.

"A screen is not a product — it's your window to the world, allowing you to instantly connect to your loved ones and friends as if they are in the same room," said Federico Casalegno, Chief Design Innovation Officer of Samsung Design Innovation Center, emphasizing that smart rooms can provide boundless experiences. “People can see and experience almost everything in the world and even the unknown world through the screen.”

Pointing to increasing global urbanization, Samsung outlined its smart cities' vision, where intelligent systems enabled by smart devices, platforms, and data, will make city life much safer and easier. Emily Becher, Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung NEXT Global, said, “We have the tools and the knowledge to create intelligent systems that make living in the city more engaging, safe, and efficient – so that our children and their children after that can love living in their cities as much as so many of us do today.” She added, “Smart cities that utilize AI, IoT and 5G will transform how we interact with the surrounding environment in ways that maximize convenience and enjoyment”.

Concluding his 2020 CES keynote address, H.S. Kim stressed that the company is focused on using technology to create a better place for all. He highlighted three key areas of importance for the company going forward: security and privacy, technology for good, and citizenship.

Kim made clear that as an industry leader, the company’s commitment to data security and personal privacy will not waver, and that the protection of security and privacy will be a top priority as technology advances. He stated that the most important thing is putting people in control over their information, “Samsung will never share your data with third parties without prior and direct consent from you.”

NOTE: Samsung’s CES booth #15006 is on Level 1 of Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center and will be open from January 7, 10:00 a.m. till January 10,  4:00 p.m, 2020.

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