UGears Are Educatonal Toys
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UGears Are Educatonal Toys

UGears Are Educatonal Toys

Toys are really important for kid development, and you can find a great variety of them out there. Along with playing roles and providing amusement, toys can be used for themed decoration of a children’s room or, sometimes, even a corporate office if you are creative enough. By games and toys, a child likes to play one can judge what kind of person they are going to be. For parents, toys are not only a chance to demonstrate through presents their love to their little ones but also a tool to affect the personality formation process and set out the direction according to their own and their child’s preferences

Ugears Products

Mechanical puzzle toys marketed by Ugears are perfect for all the above-mentioned uses. You will readily understand why by visiting and checking such original products as Ugears Safe, Steam Locomotive, Butterfly and others. Each item is a wooden model, which closely imitates the respective original - a real-world machine, object or animal. On top of this, this is not just a toy for role games but also an engaging 3D puzzle that will be appreciated by children and adults alike. This multi-purpose functionality makes this category of playthings stand out against other offers on the market.

For example, the Ugears Safe is a detailed replica of a safe box. By exactly imitating the sophisticated mechanics of the latter, it enables a kid to reverse engineer the device. Once they are given such a gift, they’ll have to assemble the product using a set of plywood parts. The process requires no glue or special tools, just one's smartness and handcraft skills. All the parts have been finely manufactured and fitted for seamless assemblage.

After this primary task, the user reveals more application options. First, the safe has been provided with an operable 3-digit lock and therefore is indeed a place to store something like sweets or some coins. Additionally, you can hold a safe-breaking contest, where the winner burglar gets the contents of the box.

Ugears Product Benefits

The best thing about all UGears mechanical puzzles is that any kind of activity, be it assembling, playing or reverse engineering, is an interesting pastime for kids and teenagers, as well as their parents and grandparents. Therefore, the purpose of the product goes far beyond mere amusement. Actually, this is a good way to unite your family and have a good time together. Of course, juniors involved benefit from such activities the most, since they can acquire important skills and knowledge.

These 3D models are made of natural wood and require no chemicals or glue during assembly. Therefore, they are 100% eco-friendly and can be used in any type of room including a children’s bedroom or kindergarten playroom. Safe and lacking any cutting edges, the toys are suitable for individual or group use by teenagers. The assembly difficulty varies by the model and the expected build time can be as high as 16 hours for the locomotive train. With a wide product range available, you can surely pick something for your kid. Each package conveniently contains some spare parts, as children like to lose something.

An Ultimate Gift

Providing a variety of funny experiences and opportunities for acquiring new knowledge, mechanical 3D puzzles marketed under the UGears brand name can be a perfect choice if you look for a birthday or X-mas present. Don’t think the target audience is limited to boys only. Girls will be enchanted by the magic of real-world mechanics in miniature too, just make the right choice from the catalog. A horse, treasure box or carriage can serve as a decoration for a girl’s room and offer a broad area for painting and decorating the item itself to transform it into custom artwork.

UGears’ sets come in themed series, for example, transport, weapons or musical instruments. This allows using the items as collectibles subject to a specific scope of interest. On the other hand, you can browse the products in the catalog by the difficulty to find a perfect match for your child’s age and level of skills.

A Visual Aid to Learn the World

Explaining things to children is a time-consuming process because new and new questions arise as you discuss a subject. Using as an example UGears 3D models, which incredibly closely imitate respective original objects, is a very good idea. Such an approach helps shift the emphasis on self-education and boost comprehension significantly. As the saying goes, а picture is worth a thousand words. The same refers to simulation toys. When kids see all those wheels and gears move, they readily delve into the technology behind the action.

Many children hate reading books or being delivered long educational lectures. That does not mean they are lazy or ignorant; they are just disposed to other world cognition methods. This is where tangible 3D models that combine funny experience and learning come in. Ugears products are more than just toys but rather a parent’s reliable assistant in developing and educating their children.

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