Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (BUT) Expand Their IT Market Share
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Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (BUT) Expand Their IT Market Share

As an experienced businessman and trader, Paul Belogour realized the potential of expanding into new markets and led his company, Boston Unisoft Technologies along the expansion route.

Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies (BUT) Expand Their IT Market Share

What Is Special about Boston Unisoft?

Unlike many outsourcing IT vendors, BUT has been around for over ten years. Over this period, the talented software engineers, designers, project managers, and QA specialists formed a tightly-knit power team capable of dealing with the most complex projects. Headed by Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft team successfully overcame multiple hurdles to gain its spotless reputation on the market.

Full-cycle development services are another distinguishing characteristic that sets BUT apart from multiple offshore software development vendors. Team members possess complementary skills, knowledge, and expertise to create a product from the ground up. Unisoft Technologies can:

Provide market analysis, identify the target audience, and develop a system requirements specification, all necessary at the discovery stage of any project.

Create a streamlined and intuitive user interface and user experience design coupled with high-performing frontend and backend.

Conduct manual and automatic testing to ensure the product is bug-free and ready for release on the market.

Update, maintain and support the finished project after launch to ensure its long-term performance and success.

Working with a single full-cycle IT company reduces the number of communication and cooperation issues that can cause ultimate failure. The tried-and-true development approach that relies on a task management system ensures transparent progress tracking in real-time.

One team working on the project translates into a well-documented development process that keeps all members of the team on schedule. Moreover, detailed documentation makes the project’s transfer and future maintenance easy, even if the business owner decides to use the in-house crew for long-term support.

BUT’s Newest Projects Outside the FinTech Market

After almost a decade of software development within the bounds of the financial sector, BUT leadership chose to venture outside the comfort zone. The growing demand for high-quality IT services enabled the company to select several clients with exciting projects.

Unisoft Technologies has recently developed a beautiful and responsive website for UAE-based Deluxe Habitat. Software engineers implemented map support and flexible search features to allow website visitors to filter available properties and find the perfect locations within minutes. While the website has been launched recently, it has already seen some traffic and first deals.

Another example of an unusual project by BUT is a website for Vermont Maple Syrup. US-based Viking Farms approached the Unisoft Technologies team in need of a straightforward and user-friendly online store. The team has successfully implemented the client’s critical requirements, including a comprehensive product catalog, registration form, wishlist, and cart features. Customers have a choice of a secure checkout via Paypal or credit card.

These are just two examples of the recent projects completed by the BUT team. Led by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies is branching out into new promising industries, including e-commerce, real estate, retail, and more. 

Why Do Businesses Choose Unisoft Technologies?

With thousands of IT vendors offering their services, Boston Unisoft is always working on a few products and negotiating upcoming projects. The company portfolio is forever expanding to include new industries and solutions. This is unsurprising when you consider the benefits BUT brings to every project they work on, including:

  • Business savvy. While most IT vendors are run by software engineers, Unisoft Technologies was created by Paul Belogour. As a result, the company combines technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of business processes and market trends. In-house business analysts and project managers work in tandem with business owners to define the project’s scope, budget, and critical requirements. Expert advice and insights help BUT’s clients identify the best monetization approaches and new revenue streams.
  • Technical know-how. Trying to keep their rates as low as possible to attract clients, offshore companies struggle with high personnel turnover. In contrast, Boston Unisoft values each team member and ensures comfortable conditions for professional development and growth. This approach enables all specialists to stay on top of the industry trends and implement the latest advances long before they become mainstream among the offshore developers.
  • Seamless cooperation. Unlike offshore IT vendors that often cause troubles with time zones, cultural differences, and language barriers, BUT is a US-based company with headquarters in Boston. This makes contact and cooperation smooth and ensures transparency vital to long-term development projects while promising all the benefits of outsourcing software development.

Spearheaded by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies is transforming from an IT vendor specializing in the financial market into a full-cycle software development company with a diverse portfolio, as well as business and technical expertise to back it up. Business owners looking for a reliable IT partner should hurry and get a consultation before BUT gets booked full years in advance.