SNOC Moves Ahead with the Sharjah LNG Project
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SNOC Moves Ahead with the Sharjah LNG Project

SNOC Moves Ahead with the Sharjah LNG Project

Sharjah (UAE) - Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC), the Executive Oil & Gas arm of the Government of Sharjah is continuing its plans to implement the Sharjah liquefied natural gas (LNG) Project (The Project) as a strategic one to assure the provision of a timely, reliable supply of gas to meet the Emirate of Sharjah’s future energy demand. 

SNOC initiated The Project in 2017 in partnership with Uniper Global Commodities SE (Uniper) a Global Energy Company active internationally in the LNG industry. SNOC will retain 100% of the project’s equity, whilst Uniper will continue to support all other requirements of The Project.

SNOC and Uniper have worked successfully together to establish The Project as a globally recognize LNG import project.  

“SNOC sees the LNG project as a strategic objective for energy security for Sharjah and the UAE.  We appreciate the knowledge that Uniper brought into the project and the support it continues to provide” said Hatem Al Mosa, CEO of SNOC.

“Uniper is very happy to be associated with this Lighthouse project and is pleased to have been able to support the engineering, shipping, and LNG supply aspects of The Project. I am convinced it will be supportive of the wider economic development of the Emirate of Sharjah” said John Roper CEO, Middle East, Uniper Global Commodities SE.

The Background

In October 2016, SNOC and Uniper SE signed an MoU for import of LNG into the Port of Hamriyah in Sharjah, UAE. First gas deliveries arrived in Sharjah in the spring of 2018. Gas is fed to the Sajaa gas field complex and then into the existing pipeline network throughout the Northern Emirates.