B&E | U.S.A. On A Winning Streak: Taking The 1st Spot In Both Rankings
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B&E | U.S.A. On A Winning Streak: Taking The 1st Spot In Both Rankings

NEWS | U.S.A. On A Winning Streak: Taking The 1st Spot In Both Rankings

Bloom Consulting has recently published the 5th edition of the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking© for both Tourism and Trade. Both editions of the Country Brand Ranking measure the effectiveness of the Country Brand of over 200 Nations and Territories worldwide in the Tourism and Investment (FDI) Dimensions.

Here are the highlights of both Rankings:

B&E | U.S.A. On A Winning Streak: Taking The 1st Spot In Both Rankings

While the USA has taken the reigns of the Country Brand Ranking© Tourism edition once again, Thailand has shown an impressive performance this year by ascending the Ranking by 4 positions and making it to the second spot. This was not a lucky streak; the Kingdom has been moving its way up the Ranking since Bloom Consulting's first edition of the Ranking in 2011, when it started out in 10th place. Thailand's success is driven by increasing tourism receipts and a large number of searches performed towards the Country in the Tourism Dimension as measured with the Digital Demand - D2© software. Thailand's Country Brand seems unstoppable, with a continuously growing number of international tourists who want to visit the Country's vibrant cities and dreamy beaches.

B&E | U.S.A. On A Winning Streak: Taking The 1st Spot In Both Rankings

Still, in Asia, Hong Kong was able to defend its spot in 4th place, which is most likely a result of its above-average growth in Tourism receipts. China has impressed with a 2-position rise to 7th place, proving that the Country's increased focus on the Tourism industry is paying off. The United States will need to work hard to defend their winning position because this truly seems to be the Asian Century.

Asia's neighboring continent Oceania has been shooting up the Ranking as well, with Australia having risen to 5th place in this year's Tourism edition of the Country Brand Ranking©. Australia has shown an impressive performance in every variable of the Ranking most notably being the best performer in terms of Social Media and online presence worldwide - an important component of the ranking that some Nations overlook.

While Spain could not hold up with the competition coming from Thailand, Germany might be tumbling out of the top ten altogether after having fallen down 5 spots down the Ranking to the 8th position. Although Germany has not had a significant decrease in its performance, the lack of substantial growth of its Tourism industry has been impeding the Country from holding up with the strong competition within the Top 10. 

The United Kingdom was the only European Country that was able to impress by joining the Top 10 after a two-position rise to the 9th place. The Country has had an expanding Social Media presence and an increasing number of searches have been performed towards the United Kingdom in the Tourism Dimension. While no direct consequences of the Brexit vote are visible yet, this might change soon.

The United States of America are the winners of the Country Brand Ranking© Trade Edition for the 5th consecutive year. Their winning streak is the result of an excellent score in Net FDI, a consistently high number of searches performed towards the Country as measured with the Digital Demand - D2© tool and a strong Country Brand Strategy Rating©.

The USA is not the only American Country to impress. Brazil is coming in close by moving up 4 positions in the Ranking, making it to 3rd place. The Country has shown an impressive Social Media performance, high Net FDI scores, and strong D2© results. Furthermore, Canada has secured itself a spot in 6th place after an incredible 4-position ascension. The Country has proven that it is fierce competition within the Top 10. On the other side of the Atlantic, the UK is threatening to push the USA off of its throne after having risen by one spot to 2nd position.

Unlike in the Tourism Edition, Asia faced a major downturn in this year's Trade Edition. While the global financial center Singapore seemed to be on a promising rise in last year's Ranking, the Lion City's roar was not loud enough to keep its competitors away. 

Singapore has fallen from 5th position to 10th, partially due to a stronger performance of its competitors. Furthermore, the UK and Brazil pushed China down from 2nd to 4th position. The Asian giant has had a weak Country Brand Strategy Rating© and a slowing FDI growth in the past two years.

Content provided by Bloom Consulting, via Reuters.