PR | TenderHut Buys IT Companies In North - Eastern Poland
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PR | TenderHut Buys IT Companies In North - Eastern Poland

PR | TenderHut Buys IT Companies In North - Eastern Poland

Feb 22 (Reuters) -  After buying QBurst Poland from the Indian QBurst Technologies, the Polish technological capital group acquired another IT company - LIT. The new entity specializes in Google technologies and has the authority to provide services to major international organizations such as NATO. LIT will be merged into SoftwareHut - a software development company in the group.

The acquisition of LIT is another example of a successful transaction on the Polish IT market. This is the third transaction of this type made by TenderHut group in north-eastern Poland. At the beginning of 2016, the group absorbed LemonTea, a company specializing in frontend technologies. QBurst Poland, the IT development branch of the outsourcing company from India, has joined TenderHut group as a result of signing an agreement with QBurst Technologies in February 2017.

Following earlier acquisitions, TenderHut has become the largest technological company with its offices based in Bialystok. After opening sales offices in Denmark and Sweden, the group provides a resilient delivery structure by successive incorporations on the local IT market. Continuous and dynamic development of the TenderHut group is supported by effective sales network and essential services well suited to the needs of the global market.

"The acquisition of LIT is the implementation of our strategy for consolidation of small, local IT companies. These companies, usually founded by IT enthusiasts, are a particular source of experienced managers, not available through standard recruitment channels. This gives our company a big boost of experience and a fresh look at projects we are currently working on. The success of recent acquisitions motivates us to work harder and shows that the chosen strategy was the right one. We are already in talks with more companies interested in joining our group, as well as with investors who want to help us realize our ambitious plans for international markets", comments Robert Strzelecki, SoftwareHut CEO.

LIT brings to the group its experience and broadens SoftwareHut's offer with the Python programming language and family of Google technologies, including Google App Engine, Google Big Query or Google Cloud Storage. LIT has got experience in successfully delivering projects for ING Bank and B2B platforms for the automotive industry. The high qualifications of LIT employees are confirmed by obtained certificates, among others, with NATO Security Certification and numerous certifications from Google, including Google Cloud Storage: Qualified Developer, Google Cloud SQL Developer Qualified, Google BigQuery: Qualified Developer and Google Compute Engine: Qualified Developer.

"Merging LIT with SoftwareHut provides new and greater opportunities for both companies. The IT market we are now dealing with is about more demand than supply. There are far more jobs for developers than available, high-level specialists. Through the acquisition of IT companies, we are constantly expanding our delivery team. This provides a good background to ensure the effective implementation of already sold and new projects. With the international expansion, which began by setting up sales offices in Denmark and Sweden, we acquire new customers with projects that require from us an ability to quickly expand size of development teams.", says Robert Matyszewski, VP of Sales in  SoftwareHut.

TenderHut Capital Group specializes in IT services, information security, legal services and providing IT solutions for laboratories on the international markets.

About the Company

The TenderHut SA group consists of three cooperating subsidiaries. SoftwareHut specializes in designing, adapting and developing information systems (internet portals, mobile applications, dedicated systems and many others) and offers a wide range of IT outsourcing services. Solution4Labs offers services of implementation and customization of LIMS class system to the individual needs of laboratories. LegalHut provides comprehensive legal advice regarding the process of awarding and tendering for public contracts in the area of IT services and products.  

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Content provided by TenderHut S.A., via Reuters.