PR | TenderHut acquires Polish branch of QBurst India
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PR | TenderHut acquires Polish branch of QBurst India

Polish IT Capital Group TenderHut bought 100% of shares of QBurst Poland, which acted as a development division of the Indian company QBurst Technologies. The merger of those entities will expand the list of offered services based on the use of machine learning technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). In addition, it will make SoftwareHut - the software development company in the group - the largest IT company headquartered in north - eastern Poland.

Consolidation of IT market

The aim of the merger is to consolidate the IT market in Bialystok (the capital of the north - eastern Poland), which is now becoming a significant development center. As the local IT market matures, acquisitions are a natural progression of development. Smaller companies, rather than competing with each other, find their way to success in joining forces and mutually complement their expertise. Such an evolutionary path was chosen by TenderHut, when they incorporated QBurst Poland. This is not the first acquisition in the TenderHut Group; in 2016 they took over the company LemonTea specializing in front-end technologies.

QBurst Poland brings to TenderHut group expertise in the latest technologies such as machine learning, Internet of Things and Azure cloud. Among the major services offered by QBurst Poland are, among others, the build and development of mobile and web applications, IT infrastructure management, search engine optimisation, cloud applications, business intelligence and analytics. QBurst Poland specialises in services for e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment and financial industry. Company's clients include start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations around the world.

The takeover makes the TenderHut Group the biggest IT company with headquarters in Bialystok. Our priority is to continuously develop and increase our abilities, because "together we can do more" - says Robert Strzelecki, COO of TenderHut.

After the creation of international sales network and opening branches in Sweden and Denmark, the TenderHut group focused its attention on building a growing delivery organization in Poland. Through merging QBurst Poland with its software development subsidiary company - SoftwareHut - the group strengthened its development team in numbers and competencies.

The company sees an increased client demand for mobile applications, and the acquisition of QBurst Poland strengthens the mobile, Xamarin and .NET departments of SoftwareHut. The acquisition also strengthens the cooperation with Microsoft.

"QBurst Poland brings a rare experience of using machine learning in Azure Cloud. We have a belief that Microsoft technologies can support our Clients in their most challenging projects. The merger with QBurst furthers our technological excellence" adds Robert Matyszewski, VP of Business Development in SoftwareHut.

The latest SoftwareHut's project was a usage of Microsoft Hololens in the laboratory industry. The primary objective of the project was to improve the working environment for laboratory employees using VR / AR technology.

Over 40% of revenue from the Microsoft Azure cloud is generated by start-ups and software development companies. Consolidation of organizations that specialize in different areas of technology is an excellent way to quickly expand services to meet customer demands.

"Almost endless possibilities of Microsoft Cloud Computing starting from basic business solutions to the Artificial Intelligence allow companies to implement the most innovative ideas and thus gain world markets and overtake their competitors," says Jakub Jałbrzykowski from Microsoft Department of New Technologies.

About TenderHut

TenderHut Group includes 3 cooperating companies of the IT industry. SoftwareHut specializes in designing, adapting and developing IT systems (internet portals, mobile applications, dedicated systems and many others). The company also offers services of widely understood IT outsourcing. Solution4Labs offers implementation and customization of LIMS class systems to fulfill individual needs of laboratories. LegalHut offers legal advice and substantial public procurement and tender procedures in the area of IT services and products.

Press Release via Reuters