NEWS | Temer Administration Ratings Plummets, Voted Bad or Terrible by 46% of Brazilians
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NEWS | Temer Administration Ratings Plummets, Voted Bad or Terrible by 46% of Brazilians

By Kelly Oliveira
Agência Brasil

NEWS | Temer Administration Ratings Plummets, Voted Bad or Terrible by 46% of Brazilians

Image Attribute: The file photo of Brazilian President Michel Temer / Source: Wikimedia Commons

President Michel Temer's government was rated as bad or terrible by 46% of Brazilians heard by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and Ibope in a survey released Friday (Dec. 16). The percentage of people who consider the government OK is 35%, and those who describe it as great or good total 13%. Six percent did not know or did not answer.

The assessment of Temer's administration as bad or terrible increased from September, when the government was regarded as bad or terrible by 39% of the population. In the same study, 14% of respondents said they thought the government was great or good, 34% OK, and 12% did not know or did not answer.

In the figures made public Friday, 26% of the interviewed approve of Temer's governing style, against 64% who uttered a contrary opinion. In the previous survey, these values stood at 28% and 55%, respectively. As for confidence in the government, 23% trust Temer and 72% said they don't. In the prior research study, 26% stated they trust the president, against 68% who said the opposite.

For 21% of Brazilians heard, Temer's government is better than that of former President Dilma Rousseff, compared to 24% in the prior study. For 42%, the current government is equivalent to the previous one, against 38% observed among the figures published in September. Of the respondents, 34% describe Temer's government as worse than Rousseff's, against a previous 31%. Another 3% did not know or did not answer, a proportion lower than the 7% reported in September.

Future Perspectives

As for future perspectives regarding the remaining part of Temer's term of office, which ends in 2018, 43% believe it will be bad or terrible, 32% OK, and 18% great or good. Another 7% did not know or did not answer.

In September, 38% of the respondents said they believe the remainder of Temer's tenure would be bad or terrible, 30% OK, 24% great or good. Back then, those who did not know or did not answer amounted to 8%.

The CNI/Ibope survey also measured respondents' perception of the news related to the government. For 47%, recent news have been unfavorable to Temer's administration, against 13% who argued the contrary. Another 13% believe the news has been neither favorable nor unfavorable.

The measures and overhauls unveiled by the government linger on in people's memories. In September, 17% remembered at least one news story about the issue. Today, 15% refer to a similar news article. The constitutional amendment bill imposing a cap on public spending for the next 20 years was mentioned by 7% of the interviewed. The document also shows that 4% mention news on protests and demonstrations against the bill.

The survey heard 2002 people across 141 municipalities. Data collection took place from December 1 through 4. The margin of error is estimated at plus or minus 2 percentage points. The reliability rate stands at 95%.   

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira  | Edited by Kleber Sampaio / Olga Bardawil
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