PR | Etisalat Tops the Leaderboard of the New GIQ Corporate Knowledge Index
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PR | Etisalat Tops the Leaderboard of the New GIQ Corporate Knowledge Index

PR | Etisalat Tops the Leaderboard of the New GIQ Corporate Knowledge Index

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Dubai, UAE – November 21, 2016 (Gulf Intelligence) – The Dubai-based strategic communications consultancy, Gulf Intelligence, today launches its GIQ Corporate Knowledge Index (CKI) as a standalone methodology that provides a quantifiable answer to a pertinent question – how much valuable knowledge does a company create and make available to the public? 

Telecommunications company Etisalat holds the top position of the inaugural GIQ CKI ranking of the ‘Top 10 Publicly Traded UAE Companies by Market Capitalization’ for Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2016. DP World and Dubai Islamic Bank are second and third, respectively. The GIQ CKI encourages transparency and recognizes the achievements of high-ranking companies who are reinforcing the UAE’s growth as a globally competitive knowledge economy as per the country’s Vision 2021.

“In this era of instant mass communication via digital platforms, companies have the opportunity and obligation of publishing their own knowledge content directly. The GIQ CKI applauds companies that have a positive impact on consumers’ knowledge base by openly sharing their insights in what is a fascinating evolution of business communications,” said Brian Cozzolino, Senior Associate at Gulf Intelligence.

The ‘Top 10 Publicly Traded UAE Companies by Market Capitalization’ is just one example of the GIQ CKI’s scope – the methodology can be applied to any company or sector to help improve their knowledge offering. Quantifying companies’ knowledge offering holds global value as businesses in the UAE and wider Middle East become increasingly interconnected with other countries and continents.

“The increasingly vast amount of content that is available to the world via digital and traditional media platforms means that companies must create thought-provoking and engaging knowledge content to stand out to consumers who face constant waves of information. Quality and substance are paramount for companies to cut through all of the noise and educate their public audience,” Brian said.
Top 10 Publicly Traded UAE Companies by Market Capitalization

How does the GIQ Corporate Knowledge Index Work? 

Step 1: GIQ tracked the content and the audience interaction for each post that companies shared on social media – from 1 January 2016 to 30 September 2016 (Q1 + Q2 + Q3) 

Step 2: Taking into account that some companies’ social media presence is more established than others, GIQ also monitored companies’ overall digital public sentiment and website content engagement. 

Step 3: Acknowledging that companies’ knowledge creation and exchange also occurs offline, GIQ incorporates a Score based on Chief Executive Officer profiles and Company Intelligence such as relevant data and surveys. GIQ also takes into account companies’ alignment with the UAE’s national priorities and their alignment with Academia’s goals.

Key Parameters of the GIQ Corporate Knowledge Index: 

  • The CKI defines Knowledge as content that is engaging – the content attracts, educates and retains a defined audience.
  • The CKI defines an Audience as spectators on a given channel for publication consumption that are relevant to a company’s activities. 
  • The CKI defines Channels as platforms where content engagement can be monitored and measured, such as company websites, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) and news. 
  • The CKI utilizes a branded GI Score to measure other channels, such as forums, press releases, reports, magazine features and interviews. 
  • The CKI uses Digital Analytic Tools to monitor channel engagements, which paints a broader picture of how engaging the knowledge content on those channels is.
GIQ CKI Methodology