NEWS | Temer: Labor & Welfare Reforms Will Not Be Approved This Year
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NEWS | Temer: Labor & Welfare Reforms Will Not Be Approved This Year

By Luciano Nascimento 
Reporter, Agência Brasil

NEWS | Temer: Labor & Welfare Reforms Will Not Be Approved This Year

Image Attribute: File photo of Interim President of Brazil, Michel Temer, Agência Brasil

Interim President of Brazil, Michel Temer, said on July 29, 2016, in an interview with foreign media publications, that he will not be able to approve the labor and pension reforms, but will make every effort to approve the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC), which limits the ceiling of public expenditure. Changes in labor laws and pension are defended by the government with the argument that it will help the country out of the crisis.  

"I believe the SGP ceiling expenditures will be possible and today we have the cooperation of Congress [National]. The labor and social security reforms, I do not know how long it will still take, "said the interim president, according to publication on the Reuters website.  

Temer acknowledged the difficulty of passing in Congress measures which adjust the social rights of the workers. "I hope it [sent to Congress] before the elections. Of course, there will be a decision before the election. By parliamentary experience which I had, I think it will not be easy to approve this year, I do not know if it's possible, " Temer said.  

Given the scenario, the government has been working with the idea of ​​making one of the reforms with respect to Social Security, in a gradual manner. Priority points are the retirement age, the difference between the sexes and the difference between the professions. "The Social Security undoubtedly will be gradual, rules will come into effect in the future or gently enter into force with a transitional system, "he said.

In the case of labor reforms, the proposal is need to be submitted by the government to Congress which will touch on the issues such as the prevalence of collective bargaining, dealing in salary and travels, and may also approach the outsourcing.  


According to Reuters, during the interview, the acting president also spoke about the impeachment of President Rousseff is quiet distance away. Fearing for the approval or rejection of Dilma's term loss will depend more on a political judgment than legal in the Senate. "This issue of impeachment in the Senate does not depend on our performance. It depends on the political assessment, not a legal assessment, that the what Senate is doing, "Temer said. He assured not to be acting by influencing the outcome of the trial. "I think the Senate will assess the political conditions of those who are now in the year and who was in the office of President until a certain period," he added.  In assessing the acting president, the uncertainty of the process makes it difficult to exit from the current economic crisis, not providing any clarity to investors about the direction of economic policies. "They say that when you finish the process of impeachment, the investor will know who will speak and it will encourage investment. They say there are many people waiting for just the process of August [as scheduled] "he said.  


When asked about cases of corruption involving members of the Dilma's government and the PMDB (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party) party, which he presided for 15 years, graduating from that office in April, Temer said he had no active participation in government decisions. On the allegations that the PMDB would have received illegal donations campaign, the interim president said he was not aware of illegalities and that all donations were "official". "There was never a thing I could say it came out (to be a corruption). It is not the traditional 'I did not know'. It's not just that. Is that the donations that were entered officially in the party and went out officially. I had no news of any act of corruption, "he said.

Translated from EBC News Article

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