History never forgets and forgives, so tread wisely!
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History never forgets and forgives, so tread wisely!

The earth is supported by the power of truth; it is the power of truth that makes the sun shine and the winds blow; indeed all things rest upon truth. – Chanakya, B.C 350

By Rahul Guhathakurta

In today’s world, there is a marginal difference between right and wrong. As time proceeds, the history gets diluted with the writings of winners and apathy of losers. Eventually, we become a bunch of pathological liars driven by propaganda supporting the collection of lies constituted by those who want us to have a distorted belief at the first place.

The nations were built on the foundation of equality, liberty, and freedom. Our forefathers sacrificed their lives to fetch the fruits of independence, not for themselves but for us. They used information to add needed propulsion for achieving freedom and they used intellectuality to justify the need for our freedom based on unity. However, we as a "humankind" have failed at every level of integration, in using such wisdom which we had gained but sadly we lost.

The call is about how we perceive things in the right direction with right orientation and decide upon to act in a right framework of time. IndraStra is one small step towards it on a liberal note to bring all the intellectuals who can and who will demonstrate the existence of truth over the lies in a subtle manner and by respecting the laws of the land.  

We are here to raise questions for your answers, so join us to make a difference.