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About Us

IndraStra Global is a "Strategic Analysis & Information Services Provider", primarily focused on data-driven academic research which includes assessment and interpretation, based on "O.O.D.A." (Observation - Orientation - Decision - Action) Framework. We engage ourselves in studying the short-term and long-term impacts of such information on public advocacy, media exposure, and societal influence over multiple broadcasting platforms.

Origin: The idea behind IndraStra Global was conceived by a few like-minded people from various professional and academic backgrounds with independent, non-governmental and non-partisan viewpoints. Since February 2015, IndraStra Global has been an actively functional platform.

Aim: The primary focus is to build an intellectually stimulating platform which provides high-end analysis on various issues concerning global affairs, business, and technology. However,  in the backend, we extensively work on latest semantic ontologies, which provides a way for search-centric web or mobile applications to understand the structure and even the meaning of the published information, making the overall "search" function and "data integration" more efficient.

Objective: IndraStra Global stands for “Absolute Freedom of Thought”. In this view, the objective is to provide an inclusive platform for critical thinking, where every valid point from any part of the world will be given due credence irrespective of any biases.


We specialized in all-format publishing and licensing, 360-degree content management, online media intelligence & forecasting, digital asset management, digital content distribution, designing and implementation of Integrated Library System (ILS) / Library Management System (LMS), and custom knowledge repositories on open source frameworks (DSpace, OJS-PKP, OCS-PKP, OMP-PKP, OHS-PKP and MediaWiki).

Online Journal Publishing

As an "online journal publisher", we are an independent, non-aligned, and non-partisan organization. We publish numerous opinions, featured articles, policy briefing papers, situational reports on our web-portal under following ISSN numbers, 2381-3652/OCLC 923297365 (Main)2472-4866/OCLC 949767720 (India Edition) and 2575-7741/OCLC 1007836494 (The Dossier). We are a “Contributor Friendly” organization and each Contributor is treated as a “Brand” of its own caliber.

News Syndication:

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All Contents are syndicated for free of cost. No Revenue Earned by the Publisher.

Amazon Kindle EditionOnly Original Contents of IndraStra.com are syndicated to Amazon Kindle Edition and Subscription Commissions are earned and retained by IndraStra Global.

Feedly App: It is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.

Google NewsGoogle Play Newsstand Syndication, and Google Play News AppAll Contents are syndicated for free of cost. No Revenue Earned by the Publisher.

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Non-Solicitation Declaration

IndraStra Global (and, it's sister portals) publishes contents for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice. We do not recommend, or do any solicitation, or offer to buy or sell a product, service, solution, commodity, or security to any person in any jurisdiction.

Book/eBook/Whitepaper Publishing:

As a book/ebook publisher, we publish under following imprints.
  • IndraStra Global - General/Master Imprint for Geopolitics, Management, and Technology Books.
  • IGNY White Papers - General/Master Imprint for White Paper Publishing related to Geopolitics, Management, and Technology subjects.
  • IndraStra Open Access - General/Master Imprint under gold open access (CC-BY) program.
  • QykRead by IndraStra - An imprint for quick reading related to Economics, Management, and Technology subjects.
  • IndraStra Originals - An imprint for the articles published in IndraStra.com. Author's are served with ebooks/paperbacks related to Geopolitics, Economics, Management, and Technology subjects.
  • IndraStra Papers - An imprint for the series of short research documents in the form of books/ebooks aimed at sharing knowledge regarding Geopolitics, Economics, Management, and Technology subjects.
For more details, visit IndraStra Global Publishing Solutions

The core subjects which are extensively covered are as follows;
  • Geopolitical Affairs / Area and Regional Studies
  • Global Businesses and Economic Studies
  • Science and Technology
OPEN ACCESS Statement: IndraStra Global, as a publisher, is loyal to open access to academic work. All the original articles and review papers published on this site (incl. www.indrastra.com & in.indrastra.com) are free to access immediately from the date of publication.

IndraStra App for Android/Kindle is loaded with the latest issues of IndraStra.com covering a wide spectrum of geopolitics, business, and technology.

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IndraStra Global and its staff, together, directly engaged in "bona fide journalistic activities" with "scholastic cum academic pursuits" as a fundamental pillar. We do not seek or accept instructions in regard to the performance of our duties from any Government or any another source external to the Organization.

IndraStra Global and its staff "do not solicit donations" from anyone. Also, "do not consider/nominate us" as an institution/organization for any award or recognition.

List of Authority Control Numbers:


ISSN 2381-3652 (Main)
URL: http://www.indrastra.com
Library of Congress LCCN: 2015203560
NLA (Australia) ID / Libraries Australia ID: 55505971
OCLC Number: 923297365
Dewey Class No: 327 (International Relations)
Publons Journal ID:70570

ISSN 2472-4866 (India Edition)
URL: http://in.indrastra.com
Library of Congress LCCN: 2016201699
NLA (Australia) ID / Libraries Australia ID: 57429332
OCLC Number: 949767720 
Dewey Class No: 954 (India and South Asia)

ISSN 2575-7741 (The Dossier by IndraStra)
URL: http://www.indrastra.com/p/the-dossier.html
Library of Congress LCCN: 2017203204
OCLC Number: 1007836494
Dewey Class No: 327 (International Relations)
Publons Journal ID: 87005


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