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IndraStra Global Publishing Solutions
With IndraStra Global Publishing Solutions, we provide end-to-end digital publishing (all formats) and digital distribution packages which include: Editorial, Design & Production (for Books/ebooks, Technical/Non-Technical articles, Video editing with the latest Adobe creative solutions), customized eLearning services and consulting.

IndraStra Global Imprints;

IndraStra Global

1. IndraStra Global

General/Master Imprint for Geopolitics, Economics, Management, and Technology Books and eBooks.

IGNY White Papers

2. IGNY White Papers

An imprint for authoritative white paper publishing related to Geopolitics, Economics, Management, and Technology subjects.

IndraStra Open Access

3. IndraStra Open Access

An imprint for authoritative Geopolitics, Economics, Management, and Technology Books and eBooks, published under an open access (CC-BY) program.

Declaration: The books published under "IndraStra Open Access" imprint are freely available for download as eBooks at Google BooksGoogle Play Books, and Scribd. The paperbacks, under this imprint, are published through Amazon KDP which carries only printing cost levied by the respective Amazon marketplaces. No royalties are earned by the publisher or the author(s) under Gratis Open Access rules.

QykRead by IndraStra

4. QykRead by IndraStra

An imprint for quick reading ebooks/paperbacks related to Geopolitics, Economics, Management, and Technology subjects.

IndraStra Originals

5. IndraStra Originals

An imprint for the articles published in Author's are served with ebooks/paperbacks related to GeopoliticsEconomicsManagement, and Technology subjects.

IndraStra Papers

6. IndraStra Papers

An imprint for the series of short research documents in the form of books/ebooks aimed at sharing knowledge regarding GeopoliticsEconomicsManagement, and Technology subjects.

Our current list of offerings for the authors are as follows;

1. U.S. ISBN

2. Global Library Indexing through partner repositories.

3. Preview Copy Archiving at IGOR (IndraStra Global Open Repository).

4. Publishing at Google Books, and Amazon Kindle.

5. On-Demand Paperback Publishing through Amazon.

6. Goodreads/OpenLibrary Indexing with complete author profile.

7. Editorial and Design Support.

8. Online Marketing incl. News Syndication and Social Media Marketing.

To learn more about our imprints, please contact us at gps(at)indrastra(dot)com


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